Thursday, 26 January 2017

Dinnner in the sky at The Duck and Waffle

The Duck and Waffle was high up on my list of restaurants that I wanted to visit in London and finally in January we got to go for lunch, but not before a lengthy waiting list.

 If you want the low down here's what you need to know.


The Duck and Waffle is located in The Heron Tower in London, being one of London's tallest buildings it has the most breath taking view over London's skyline.

To get to the restaurant you travel by a glass lift up to the 40th floor which honestly moves so quickly your ears start to pop.
Once you get to the top you go through a small dimly lit bar area where you can go for drinks and nibbles without a reservation, with a view of the Gherkin right outside.
Walk through the bar and you will come to the restaurant reservation desk.

Seeing as this was our first time to the restaurant we got given a great table right by the window in the corner.

Reservations and 24 Hours

I had tried to make a visit to this restaurant early last year at about 3am and found a massive line outside in the cold just to get a table, now bare in mind that was 3am. Granted most nights are generally quiet and you can pop in for your duck and waffle fix at any time of the early hours.
However to get this reservation for January 2017, we booked it back in November 2016 and this was the earliest booking they had.
So that goes to show just how popular this restaurant is, so surely with a wait time of two months to get in the food must be spectacular right...?

What we ordered

How could we go to the Duck and Waffle and not get the famous Duck and Waffle.
To start we went with the freshly baked bread.

Hand - Churned Butter and Puglian Olive Oil £6
The bread came out really warm and was amazing with the butter, although nothing really out of the ordinary. But if you are like me and absolutely love bread then go for it.

I always thought that duck, waffles and maple syrup all put together would taste really strange as its like a dinner and breakfast in one.
So I ordered it not knowing if I would actually like it or not, however I was pleasantly surprised.
I would definitely recommend ordering this dish, the contrast between sweet and savoury is so good and nothing like I have had before.
The duck was cooked to perfection and the waffle was fresh and fluffy.
The Duck and Waffle costs £17

We had a table booked for 3.30pm which in January in the UK is ideal time for catching sunset at around 4pm and I have seen the most breath taking photos of sunrise and sunsets from the windows all around the restaurant.
However unfortunately with the rubbish foggy weather we have been having lately we didn't get to see a sunset, but hey guess that means I have to go back again right? Maybe even to see the sun rising this time.

Christmas at Kew Gardens

Christmas at Kew Gardens

Christmas at Kew Gardens has been happening for the last couples of years over the festive season and it was my first time visiting this year.

You need to book a time slot to make your visit, make sure you check out the times well in advance as this is a popular activity and seems to sell out very quickly. Bare in mind if you don't live near you can drive and pay for a parking space with your ticket, however there is plenty of street parking around the gardens if you don't mind a short walk.

We visited on a Friday night for a cute little festive date night and although it was cold it was lovely to do something a bit different,

There are stalls on the walk selling mulled wine and mulled cider to keep you warm, and a few food huts at the end of the walk.
My favourite little snack hut was the Marshmallow toasting stall.
The marshmallows weren't you average boring ones, they were huge and had really unusual flavours, and for just £3 a marshmallow you could toast it on two open fires and enjoy a cute evening of festive lights and eating smores. I mean how dreamy is that.
We went for the Toasted Coconut Marshmallow and the Raspberry and Champagne Marshmallow.

Along the walk you can find a DJ blaring music and interacting with guests as well as a cute little fun fair in the middle of it all.

The walk takes about an hour but if you stop to take photographs and eat marshmallows it can easily be two hours so give yourself enough time.

I wont give too much away of what you will find on the walk, but I would say if you have a good camera make sure you take it along as taking pictures on the iPhone proved to be very hard as the lights would not come out that well.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Rooftop Film Club - Tobacco Docks

Rooftop Film Club

I wrote this last summer but then never seemed to post it. So here is last summers review of the Rooftop Film Club.

It seems as though I cant let a summer go by without a visit to The Rooftop Film Club.
Having already been to The Rooftop Film Club last summer in Peckham I was dying to go back again to try out another venue.

If you want to read about the Bussey Building, Peckham location that I went to last year, then here is the link. Rooftop Film Club Peckham


This year we wanted to try somewhere new, even though I absolutely love the Peckham location,
we decided on the new location for 2016, Tobacco Docks.

A little walk from the station you will find Tobacco Dock with a clear sign for the Rooftop Film Club, if your visiting for the first time there is security on the door to let you know exactly where to go.

What's there?

There are no toilets at the rooftop top, only portaloos on the ground floor. But don't worry they aren't like festival portaloos, they are exceptionally clean.

The rooftop comes equipped with a bar and a Rockadolla Hot Dog stand. 
We each got a hot dog which was so good, they also do a veggie version too so no one will go hungry. 
We arrived at about 7pm and it was pretty quiet unlike the Peckham location which was buzzing way before the box office opened.
We did go on a Wednesday so I think you can afford to get there last min in the week if your not bothered about getting food and drink. 
I order the nicest cocktail from the bar which was basically a pina colada. I would definitely recommend getting that.

The Box Office

Everything you need you'll be able to find at the box office. 
It has freshly popped popcorn and sweets. 
This is also where you will be given a blanket to keep you warm as the sun goes down, and at this particular venue you need headphones to watch the movie, so you can pick those up there too. 


The Tobbacco Dock has a great backdrop of London, everything is a lot closer then the Peckham location and it's absolutely beautiful when the sun goes down. 
We went to see Purple Rain which neither of us has ever seen before. 
Last year it was labryinth. The rooftop film club tend to put on a lot of old school movies but I think that just adds to the experience as I probably would never of seen Purple Rain otherwise. 

It is one of my favourite things to do in the summer on a warm evening. As soon as I snapchat the rooftop film club I get an array of questions from people about where it is and how they want to go. 

The rooftop film club runs right through until September and then starts back up again next summer.
However they always find cool venues to host The Winter Film Club every December.

Ladurée Paris

Over the holiday season I visited Paris, France to spend New Years Eve in the city of romance.
If you've ever been to France before then you will of heard of the famous dessert, Macaroons.

What and Where ?

There are many Macaroon companies in France but the most popular is Laduree, famous for its Macaroons and delicious desserts.
We visited the Champs - Elysees branch which is in the centre of Paris found on the famous road Champs-Elysees which is home to many designer shops and is ideal if you are visiting Paris for shopping and good food. You will find the Arc De Triumph at the end of this road also.

There is usually a long wait to get into the tea rooms so its best to book in advance.
But if its just sweet treats your after then you can head straight into the main entrance and queue up inside while you wait for someone to take your order.
It was so busy when we visited and I'm glad we just got the take out treats as the line to be seated was so long.

Desserts and Macaroons

As you can see from the photos below I went for a box of 8 macaroons of my choice and two special desserts. I'd always wanted to visit Laduree so I treated myself although they all looked so delicious I wanted to try them all.
I got the macaroons in a normal box rather than a gift box as its cheaper and 8 macaroons are already 16 Euros.

The two big desserts that I purchased were way better than I expected them to be. Especially the big macaroon with the fresh raspberries. This was recommended to me by one of the sales assistants in the store.
The other dessert had a passion fruit filling which as you can imagine was amazing.
I would recommend taking a trip to see the beautiful bakery. You can have lunch and dinner upstairs also and the décor is beautiful.

Tip - If your visiting and its exceptionally busy and all you want to buy is the macaroons, then take the door at the right end of the front of the building, hardly anyone knows its there and its a quick and easy way to buy macaroons.