Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Hitchin Lavender Farm

Over the past weekend I visited Hitchin Lavender Farm, I came across this amazing place through Instagram. And after spending five minutes scrolling through everyone's instagrammable pictures I knew I just had to go.
Not only is it great for taking amazing photos with the rows of beautiful purple for as far as you can see, its probably one of the nicest and unusual days out you will have.

Before coming across Hitchin Lavender Farm online I had know idea this sort of thing existed. I go strawberry picking every year at one of the local farms, but Lavender picking was completely new to me and such a great idea.

I told one of my best friends about it and of course she also wanted to go, so we headed up on the Saturday morning, from where we are it takes about an hour. The farm opens at 10am everyday and we got there for about 12pm. We knew it would be busy as it was a Saturday but there is more than enough lavender for everyone regardless of what time of the day you visit.

How it works

You can find all this information out on the website but I will also put it here just for quickness.
You can head into the main café where you can pay by card to pick the lavender. They will give you two tokens to take to the field with you, where you will then exchange them for an A4 size bag and a pair of scissors. Adults cost £4.50
You are then free to pick as much lavender as you want.

As well as picking lavender, there is also a Sunflower field where you are about to pick two sunflowers per person for 50p each.
Surprisingly it was very relaxing and therapeutic, except for the fact I did get stung by a wasp while doing it ha. Do watch out for the bees and wasps if you are taking small children.

The Café

After we had filled our A4 bags to the brim with lavender, we headed back to the café for a bite to eat.
Many of the food you could buy also had lavender in it which was unusual. We opted to share the banana and chocolate chip cake, and the scone with raspberry and lavender jam. Both were amazing and the slight hint of lavender was just enough.
If you prefer you are welcome to bring a picnic, and there is also a Yurt in the main field with food and beverages.

The café also is home to a shop that sells lavender products made by the farm. As  you can see from the photos there are a lot of products to choose from, so if lavender is your thing this is a little haven.

Its a great day out if your looking for something a little different, we saw a lot of young families there and obviously its all in support of the local farm which was great to see.

Feeding The Soul

Life is really about seeking new places to feed the soul in various different ways, and this was no exception. While we were in the field I was completely in awe of the beauty that surrounded us and the fact that it was something completely new and different for us both.
Making memories by doing the simple things in life like picking Lavender with your best friend is what its all about.
I would rather look back on days like this than on a night I went out to a cool club in London.

It was one of the best days of my summer and memories that I will look back on as time goes by.