Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Dark Sugars Chocolate Shop

The story of my Dark Sugars experience starts on Instagram (as always) I came across them towards then end of last year and completely fell in love with the whole look of the store and how the chocolates were laid out, and most of all those amazing chocolate pearls which looks incredible.
I didn't look into where the store was at the time, fast forward to January, I'm walking down Brick Lane to the Cereal Killer Cafe and notice this amazing chocolate shop next door blasting out loud music and it looks an awful lot like the one I found on Instagram, turns out it was Black Sugars but for some unknown reason I didn't end up going in and regretted it ever since, which leads me to my first visit in April where I brought lots of chocolate to try, and got to try the most amazing hot chocolate everrrrrrr.


So like I said Dark Sugars can be found on Brick Lane. The one in my photo is the store right next door to the Cereal Killer Café, and as I wandered on down Brick Lane I came across another Dark Sugars store but this one was even bigger, so either way if your strolling down Brick Lane you will be sure to find chocolate heaven either end.

Its actually overwhelming the amount of chocolate they have and the amount of different crazy flavours. The strong smell of chocolate hits you as soon as you walk through the door.
I could of literally picked up one of everything as there was so many I wanted to try and many of them I have never seen anywhere else.
I had the nicest guy working when I visited, he was so friendly and even let me try some of what he thought was the best chocolate in there, and to be fair he knew what he was talking about.
He told me to try the liquid sea salt caramel, which happens to be one of the best sellers and I can see why, it was INSANE, like so good. I had to pick up a couple to take home for my family to try.

The Hot Chocolate
Now that is something else and I would definitely recommend you try if you are planning a visit.
I got a mini one to try out for the blog which was super cute and nice of them to do.
It was the most amazing hot chocolate ever, I have never had anything so great in my life, the mini one was definitely a good choice as afterwards I felt so sick haha.
Topped with milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate shavings, which are cut in front of you from blocks of chocolate and then put together on top of your already chocolatey drink.
Its not to be missed and it makes for the most perfect food porn photo.

 My absolute favourites were the chocolate pearls. I absolutely love food that looks pretty, and you cant get prettier than these pearls, they are shimmery and golden and presented in sea shells.
I got quite a few of these including my favourites Red Velvet and Wild Strawberry.
 I couldn't get over how pretty they were so I ended up taking so many photos of them!!

They are laid out in the most perfect way and you can just help yourself to whatever you want and either put them in a bag or you can choose to put them in a box and see how many you can get in there.
Another favourite from this collection was the Coconut Milk with the bronze shiny outer colour that was so creamy and dreamy. And you know when you taste something and it reminds you of a smell. It reminded me of really strong coconut suncream which I absolutely love, it was amazing.
The pipettes are a bit different too and worth a try, I picked up the passion fruit pipette, and you just squeeze the juice over the top of the chocolate which is a little different and works really well.

The shop constantly had people coming in and out wanting to take a look at all the amazing chocolate, a lot of people were in awe when they walked in the door which was nice to see.
I think its something we could definitely use a little more of in this country, although if I had one of these near me I would constantly be there.
Great idea as a gift for someone if you want to get them something a little different to your usual dairy milk and Thorntons
I cant wait to make another little trip back to Dark Sugars to pick up some more chocolate to try.

I usually snapchat on my travels around London which I did when I visited Dark Sugars.

If you want to see my hot chocolate being made then I will put the video up on Instagram soon.

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