Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Rainbow Bagels And Where To Find Them In London

Over the last couple of months these psychedelic rainbow bagels have been taking Instagram by storm. 
From funfetti cream cheese filling to pink fluff, they are bright, colourful and totally instagramable and I had to get my hands on them as soon as I came across them back in February.

Where did they come from? 

Originating in New York City at The Bagel Store on Bedford Avenue. 
The owner Scot Rossillo was the first creator of the rainbow bagel which has now made its way across the pond. But along with the rainbow bagel creation he now makes bagels in a range of bright beautiful colours.

All of Rossillos bagels taste different, I particularly want to try the cotton candy one, and all the colours are just outstanding!!!
The rainbow bagels are only made in small batches and you have to pre order one, unlike the ones in London where you can just pick one up for lunch. 

So where can you get them in London? 
So for everyone who has asked me where you can get them, this is especially for you.
I went to two different places to show you the different types of Rainbow bagels available in London and why / how they differ. 

First of is the Beigel Shop on Brick Lane. 
Typically known as the yellow one as you will find the Beigel Bakery one door down with the white sign. 

Both open 24 hours, both have raving reviews and a must if your visiting, but only the Beigel Shop sells the Rainbow Bagels. 
Located at the northern end of Brick Lane, you will see the colour run sign saying "Famous Rainbow Bagels Sold Here" along with a range of the rainbow bagels on show.

For just 30p they are a complete bargain, and they have a range of fillings for you to try. 
The good thing about these bagels are that they are freshly made on the day and mine was warm and smelt beautiful when I got it. 
These ones had a slight sweet fruity taste to them. It's not overly strong so don't worry about that. 
As you can see they are brightly coloured, but not the complete perfect swirls of the original rainbow bagel but for the price it's not bad.

Selfridges Food hall. 

It was only a matter of time before Selfridges got the hottest trend in their store.
 Supplied to Selfridges by Yummies Deli, I only came across them being stocked in store two days before I went into London to grab some. 

I am so glad I found out about them as they are the definition of the rainbow bagel.
As you can see they are beautiful, with 6 colours all twisted together to get that rainbow effect. 

They are more expensive than the Beigel Shop addition at £4.99 for a bag of five.
But I think for the quality of the bagels and for how pretty they are I don't mind paying that for a one off colourful treat. 
There is no taste with these one they taste just like a normal bagel. 

Get your hands on them while you can and experiment with some fun colour fillings. 
I can't wait to get the fluff and funfetti out and I have even more reason to visit New York again so I can try all these amazing new flavours. 

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Feel free to send me photos of your bagels that you buy I would love to see them :)
Credit to @thebagelstore and @yummiesdeli for images.