Thursday, 28 April 2016

Nosteagia Bubble Waffle

If your a foodie about London then you would of come across NOSTEAGIA in your travels or on general good food blogs
Very much known on the Instagram, as far as I'm aware NOSTEAGIA have made it big purely down to people sharing the mouth watering bubble waffle pictures on the app. 

This is how I happened to come across them and I have been following them for a few months now. Literally drooling at the amazing pictures they put up daily. 


 Based on Shoreditch High Street at Pump the street food market.
Pump is a disused petrol station which is now home to the street food market with indoor and outdoor seating.
It is the first little hut on the main road, you can't miss it and if you do, look for the long line of people. 

You can get many other dishes at NOSTEAGIA along with bubble tea.
But I was after the famous Bubble Waffle.
I went for the Strawberry Dream but literally all the concoctions sounded unreal. 
I mean Mr.Oreo and Banarmarama!!! 

With so many to choose from your spoilt for choice. And you can even add a little something of your own to make it truly unique. From m&ms to flakes.
The bubble waffle is your oyster ha. 

The bubble waffle also known as the egg waffle originated in Hong Kong and NOSTEAGIA was one of the first company's to bring it to the UK.
While I was writing this blog I came across another company who also sell Bubble Waffles in London on a stall but only one day a week.
NOSTEAGIA is available every day of the week.