Sunday, 24 April 2016

Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit Review

Hi guys, back with my follow on post from the How and Where to buy Kylie Cosmetics, to my experience with the actual lip kits and what I thought of them.

I purchased my lip kits in two parts, first of all I went straight for Dolce K and ordered that because that was the main one I fell in love with and I didn't want to risk getting anymore and then being left with nothing, other people who have purchased can relate.
The next order was Candy K, Posie K and Koko K.
When ordering I liked to look back over pictures Kylie had posted on the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram
And I also went from this picture that I found a while back on instagram.

First of all I have to say, the colours are nothing like what you see in that picture above at all or the pictures on the website. I'm not sure if the colour looks different on different people, but surely a lip colour is a standard colour and should not change regardless. But I have to give my honest opinion in this post on the colours as I don't feel what your ordering is exactly what you are getting.

Candy K

Candy K is Kylie's favourite of all the lip kits as she says its the best nude.
I wore Candy K on the top lip and Koko K on the bottom lip when I first got them and the colour was pretty much identical except for Koko K being slightly pinker.
The colour difference isn't that noticeable between the two.
It however is good for a nude, with brown undertones it does sit a little darker than most nudes would, but mixed with a too faced nude liquid lipstick it makes for the perfect natural colour.
But like many of the lip kits the colours are pretty bold and less natural for every day wear.

Also on a side note all lip kits have a strong sweet smell of vanilla.
It actually reminds me of the cheap lip glosses you would get as a kid. I'm not that crazy about the smell even though she has toned it down.
Koko K
Koko K ended up being my favourite, I was reluctant to buy this as it looks like a really pale pink in the picture above, but once its on it is like the nicest pinky nude, it looks natural and goes with anything. The staying power is really good, and Kylie recently said you only need to apply it once which is true. As they are mattes, if you apply too much of them they do eventually start to crack and peel and that's not a good look.
I tend to apply one coat of Koko K followed by a normal pink lipstick in the middle for a bit more a shine as matte can sometimes be too drying.

What I did notice with Koko K was that it looked like the seal didn't work right, as you can see there is gloss all over the stick and all around the top of the bottle which none of the others have.
It seems looser than all the others so that could be a one off faulty mistake but the lipstick hasn't leaked or anything so far.

Dolce K
This was my Kylie Jenner answer to a matte nude.
When looking at the photo above Dolce K does look like a brown nude.
However in reality Dolce K is a lot darker than what you see in that photo, its pretty much like True Brown in my opinion, I was expecting a nude but its not at all.
Its not a horrible colour and when I wore it, it actually looked really nice, but unless you have warm skin it could easily wash you out. I would say its more of a night time lip stick compared to your everyday as its a bit too bold for me to wear casually everyday.
I ended up putting a Two Faced Melted Lipstick over the top which was a pale nude to try make it look more natural.
If I had known this before it wouldn't of been my first choice.

Posie K
I decided to purchase Posie K as it looks like the perfect pink lipstick, not too dark and not too pale.
Once dried on the lips Posie K is more of a dark burgundy lip stick. Again nothing like the picture above. I have no idea how they even made half the lip kits look a different colour haha.
Posie K is definitely a lip colour for evening wear its just too bold to wear in the day time like I thought you would of been able to.
All lip kits go on one colour but once dried they look completely different and a lot darker. Probably the matte effect.
Swatches once dried from left to right : Candy K, Posie K, Dulce K and Koko K
Staying Power?
I have to admit the lip kits have staying power like no other, to the point of its actually difficult to get it off.
When I took these swatches I filmed a video on my snapchat of me trying to rub them off with a wet wipe, and they actually did not smudge or move at all.
Its actually insane how much they don't move, it took me ages to get them off.
And its exactly the same once on the lips, if you put the colour on in the morning there is no way you will be changing it through out the day without scrubbing at your lips.
Which brings me on to lip liners.
I think its important to use the liners as a guide before the lip kits, as once its on it doesn't move, so this way you know exactly where you are putting it and it doesn't bleed or run with the lip liner on.
My thoughts on the lip liners are that they are easy to use, nice and creamy and good quality, even though I'm not a huge lover of lip liners they do work well.

Posie K Lip Liner

Koko K

Dulce K

Candy K

The overall presentation of the lip kits are great, it comes in the box with the drip effect around the edges, which can be seen in my last post about how to get your hands on the lip kits.
Included in the box is a hand written note from Kylie, also shown in my last post.
The hype is insane on social media for these lip kits with everyone wanting to try them, and why wouldnt you especailly when Kylie uploads snapchats and videos of herself wearing them making them look amazing.
I have to admit they do all look amazing on Kylie, maybe her lips dont have any lines in them as they seem to sit smoothly on her lips which doesnt always look the same on everyone else.
Kylie Cosmetics has recently brought out lip glosses in nudes, and just the way she posts about them and wears them literally makes me want them ha.
If your looking for a good long lasting matte lip stick which is hard to find then I would recommend the lip kits but keep in mind about the colours that you order.
If your also not from the U.S then I would suggest ordering a few at a time as shipping is also added onto your purchase.

Hope some of you find this helpful when choosing your colours :)