Thursday, 28 April 2016

Nosteagia Bubble Waffle

If your a foodie about London then you would of come across NOSTEAGIA in your travels or on general good food blogs
Very much known on the Instagram, as far as I'm aware NOSTEAGIA have made it big purely down to people sharing the mouth watering bubble waffle pictures on the app. 

This is how I happened to come across them and I have been following them for a few months now. Literally drooling at the amazing pictures they put up daily. 


 Based on Shoreditch High Street at Pump the street food market.
Pump is a disused petrol station which is now home to the street food market with indoor and outdoor seating.
It is the first little hut on the main road, you can't miss it and if you do, look for the long line of people. 

You can get many other dishes at NOSTEAGIA along with bubble tea.
But I was after the famous Bubble Waffle.
I went for the Strawberry Dream but literally all the concoctions sounded unreal. 
I mean Mr.Oreo and Banarmarama!!! 

With so many to choose from your spoilt for choice. And you can even add a little something of your own to make it truly unique. From m&ms to flakes.
The bubble waffle is your oyster ha. 

The bubble waffle also known as the egg waffle originated in Hong Kong and NOSTEAGIA was one of the first company's to bring it to the UK.
While I was writing this blog I came across another company who also sell Bubble Waffles in London on a stall but only one day a week.
NOSTEAGIA is available every day of the week.


Sunday, 24 April 2016

Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit Review

Hi guys, back with my follow on post from the How and Where to buy Kylie Cosmetics, to my experience with the actual lip kits and what I thought of them.

I purchased my lip kits in two parts, first of all I went straight for Dolce K and ordered that because that was the main one I fell in love with and I didn't want to risk getting anymore and then being left with nothing, other people who have purchased can relate.
The next order was Candy K, Posie K and Koko K.
When ordering I liked to look back over pictures Kylie had posted on the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram
And I also went from this picture that I found a while back on instagram.

First of all I have to say, the colours are nothing like what you see in that picture above at all or the pictures on the website. I'm not sure if the colour looks different on different people, but surely a lip colour is a standard colour and should not change regardless. But I have to give my honest opinion in this post on the colours as I don't feel what your ordering is exactly what you are getting.

Candy K

Candy K is Kylie's favourite of all the lip kits as she says its the best nude.
I wore Candy K on the top lip and Koko K on the bottom lip when I first got them and the colour was pretty much identical except for Koko K being slightly pinker.
The colour difference isn't that noticeable between the two.
It however is good for a nude, with brown undertones it does sit a little darker than most nudes would, but mixed with a too faced nude liquid lipstick it makes for the perfect natural colour.
But like many of the lip kits the colours are pretty bold and less natural for every day wear.

Also on a side note all lip kits have a strong sweet smell of vanilla.
It actually reminds me of the cheap lip glosses you would get as a kid. I'm not that crazy about the smell even though she has toned it down.
Koko K
Koko K ended up being my favourite, I was reluctant to buy this as it looks like a really pale pink in the picture above, but once its on it is like the nicest pinky nude, it looks natural and goes with anything. The staying power is really good, and Kylie recently said you only need to apply it once which is true. As they are mattes, if you apply too much of them they do eventually start to crack and peel and that's not a good look.
I tend to apply one coat of Koko K followed by a normal pink lipstick in the middle for a bit more a shine as matte can sometimes be too drying.

What I did notice with Koko K was that it looked like the seal didn't work right, as you can see there is gloss all over the stick and all around the top of the bottle which none of the others have.
It seems looser than all the others so that could be a one off faulty mistake but the lipstick hasn't leaked or anything so far.

Dolce K
This was my Kylie Jenner answer to a matte nude.
When looking at the photo above Dolce K does look like a brown nude.
However in reality Dolce K is a lot darker than what you see in that photo, its pretty much like True Brown in my opinion, I was expecting a nude but its not at all.
Its not a horrible colour and when I wore it, it actually looked really nice, but unless you have warm skin it could easily wash you out. I would say its more of a night time lip stick compared to your everyday as its a bit too bold for me to wear casually everyday.
I ended up putting a Two Faced Melted Lipstick over the top which was a pale nude to try make it look more natural.
If I had known this before it wouldn't of been my first choice.

Posie K
I decided to purchase Posie K as it looks like the perfect pink lipstick, not too dark and not too pale.
Once dried on the lips Posie K is more of a dark burgundy lip stick. Again nothing like the picture above. I have no idea how they even made half the lip kits look a different colour haha.
Posie K is definitely a lip colour for evening wear its just too bold to wear in the day time like I thought you would of been able to.
All lip kits go on one colour but once dried they look completely different and a lot darker. Probably the matte effect.
Swatches once dried from left to right : Candy K, Posie K, Dulce K and Koko K
Staying Power?
I have to admit the lip kits have staying power like no other, to the point of its actually difficult to get it off.
When I took these swatches I filmed a video on my snapchat of me trying to rub them off with a wet wipe, and they actually did not smudge or move at all.
Its actually insane how much they don't move, it took me ages to get them off.
And its exactly the same once on the lips, if you put the colour on in the morning there is no way you will be changing it through out the day without scrubbing at your lips.
Which brings me on to lip liners.
I think its important to use the liners as a guide before the lip kits, as once its on it doesn't move, so this way you know exactly where you are putting it and it doesn't bleed or run with the lip liner on.
My thoughts on the lip liners are that they are easy to use, nice and creamy and good quality, even though I'm not a huge lover of lip liners they do work well.

Posie K Lip Liner

Koko K

Dulce K

Candy K

The overall presentation of the lip kits are great, it comes in the box with the drip effect around the edges, which can be seen in my last post about how to get your hands on the lip kits.
Included in the box is a hand written note from Kylie, also shown in my last post.
The hype is insane on social media for these lip kits with everyone wanting to try them, and why wouldnt you especailly when Kylie uploads snapchats and videos of herself wearing them making them look amazing.
I have to admit they do all look amazing on Kylie, maybe her lips dont have any lines in them as they seem to sit smoothly on her lips which doesnt always look the same on everyone else.
Kylie Cosmetics has recently brought out lip glosses in nudes, and just the way she posts about them and wears them literally makes me want them ha.
If your looking for a good long lasting matte lip stick which is hard to find then I would recommend the lip kits but keep in mind about the colours that you order.
If your also not from the U.S then I would suggest ordering a few at a time as shipping is also added onto your purchase.

Hope some of you find this helpful when choosing your colours :)

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Kylie Jenner Lip Kits - How And Where To Buy Them

I know some people might be reading this and think 'I know exactly how to get the lipkits its not that hard' But iv been asked a lot after posting on snapchat where I get the lipkits, and how do I get them as they always seem to be sold out. 
So I thought why not do a post on it telling you everything you need to know to get your hands on them and about the lip kits themselves. 
Unless you've been living under a rock you would of heard about Kylie Jenner's new venture. The ultimate matte liquid lipstick and lip liner to match. 

If you have Kylie Jenner on snapchat she often previews new colours and promotes the lipsticks by wearing them constantly and getting her friends and sisters too as well. 

She even shows you inside the factory and it's like lipkit heaven there's so many!! But how do you get them? Everyone keeps asking me where and how I managed to get them as they always appear to be sold out when ever you visit the site. 

How you get them?

If you want to get your hands on the lipkits then you have to know when exactly she's going to restock and be super quick. 
The basket doesn't let you hold the products while you fill out your details, so once you've picked what you want, you have to type really fast or make an account with your info in already. 
When I ordered mine for the first time it took ages as the site kept crashing so bare with and keep refreshing. 
Kylie is constantly working to improve this, so when you order it may be different, as she did introduce I virtual waiting line but then scrapt that as it didn't get a good response.

Kylie has an app where she posts when she's going to do a restock. 
But don't worry if you don't have the app. If you follow her on Instagram or her cosmetics account you can normally see the fans writing underneath about when the restock will be. 
It's normally 12am for us in the UK. 

Where ? 
The only place you get purchase the lip kits are on Kylie Cosmetics as of right now there is not a store in the UK or USA that stocks them. 

So that's how you can get them, hope that answers anyone's questions. 

I'll be doing a post on the kits themselves and what I think about them soon so keep checking back :)

Monday, 11 April 2016

Yummie Bagels New Additions


I made a quick trip back to Selfridges Foodhall on Saturday for some more of the famous Rainbow Bagels, and while I was there I found that they now stock Mini Rainbow Bagels. Super super cute and you get 12 minis. 

The new chocolate bagel by Yummies Bagel hit Selfridges on Friday so I thought I would try them out as well. 

They have the swirly pattern inside which I love and chocolate chips. 
I toasted one for breakfast this morning and the chocolate chips melted and it was pure perfection. 
They are the same price as the Rainbow Bagels 4.99 for a bag of five. So worth it for a tasty treat In the mornings.

Goodship Benefit Boat Opening Night

First there was a Benefit pub in London a couple of years ago called Gabbis Head, which was all pink and done the best pink cocktails, now this summer they have taken over a boat.
Saturday 9th April was the first opening day of the Good Ship Benefit. A whole boat hosted by Benefit Cosmetics and decked out based on your favourite benefit products, with lots of pinkness to accompany that.

Where ? 

Found along Embankment sitting on the river Thames with prime view of the London eye, you can book yourself in for a make over with one of the benefit girls and even get your eyebrows waxed before heading up to the top deck for dinner at the Lashitude restaurant.
You wont be able to miss it with the cute pink exterior heading down to the ship and its not even a 5min walk from Embankment tube station.
Lashitude Restaurant
On the opening night we went for dinner at the Lashitude Restaurant, with the interior based on the They're Real collection.
With a glowing orange Lashitude neon sign at one end of the restaurant accompanied by a large They're Real Mascara wand and a cabinet filled with the collection, you are completely in the world of Benefit.
The atmosphere is relaxing with a great soundtrack of some old school favourites, and the pretty isn't too bad either.
Looking right out onto the river thames you have the London Eye as the backdrop which has been lit up pink specifically for Benefit. 

We started out with two cocktails, I went for the Pink Lady, which had the most exquisite taste, a must try if you are visiting and my friend went for the San Fran.
Expect high end London prices, but the quality of food is not to be faulted.
For mains I had the Seared Free Rage Chicken Breast, Braised Rainbow Chard, Carrot Puree, Peas, Salsa Verdi - £17.50
And my friend had Four Cheese Tortellini, Watercress Dressing, Rocket - £16.50
The mains were amazing but as you can see they are pretty small in size so there was obviously room for dessert haha.
The waitress suggested I try the California Cheesecake when I couldn't make up my mind which was £7.00 and my friend went for The Benefit Sundae - £8.00
Both desserts were so dreamy and definitely one of my favourite parts of the meal.

The service was really good, they had a lot of staff walking around so you were never left too long without being served.
I think with events like this its all about the cute little finishing touches that Benefit add, for example when you get the bill they bring it along with a sample of the They're Real Gel Eyeliner to try and a Lindt Strawberry and Cream Chocolate. So so cute.
Pinkton Parlour
After dinner we went for some drinks in the cutest pink bar ever and had a little tour of the boat where we saw all the rooms and got all the information about whats to come, everything is still being booked up as its still so new but I will definitely be taking a trip back in the summer for a bit of afternoon tea on the deck.
Its the ideal London hang out spot to catch up with the girls, or even hold an event, but its only around for 5 months so get booked in whilst you still can.

Whats on offer?
If you fancied something a little more sophisticated you can also have afternoon tea with a glass of Chandon, or how about a Bottomless Brunch.
There are many rooms to be found on board, its actually like stepping into another world as it looks so small on the outside.
Bookings and walk ins welcome, so you could pop in for a drink at the Pinkton Parlour which is beautifully decorated in all pink, with a pink piano and photo booth to top it off.
Or head to the lower deck to The Secret Vault bar which is based on your favourite Porefessional character.
Through out the ship you will find characters based on your products, who are more than willing to give you a tour of the boat and all the information you need about the events coming up.
Through out the summer they are going to have many events on the outer decks, with all drinks made especially from Mahiki and available to order in a life size Hoola makeup box, that glows pink. How cool is that.
Cocktails or yoga classes on the outer deck in the summer is a must, the view is just insane.
I will definitely be returning for another pink day with Benefit during the summer.
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