Thursday, 18 February 2016

Southern Joes Kitchen


Now this is a way way waaaaay over due post.
I had the best day in London just before Christmas where I went to The Underground Film Club and SAID all in one day but the one place I missed out on blogging about was Southern Joes Kitchen.
So here it is a quick review about what I thought.
The restaurant we visited was the one in Covent Garden but there is also one in Kentish Town.
We called up in the afternoon and booked ourselves a table around 6ish I think.
Even at 6pm it was packed, literally the whole restaurant was buzzing, it had such a good atmosphere.
What We Ordered 
We both went for a bun ( usually served from 12 - 6.30pm) So I was super happy we were there in time to get that, because I seem to have a thing about chicken burgers at the min if you couldn't tell haha.
Buffalo Chicken Bun is what I went for and my god it did not disappoint, as I write this a couple of months on I remember being really impressed with it and thinking it was the best chicken burger I have had in a long time.
The sides we got were the Fries with chicken salt, after experiencing them at Patty and Bun we were dying to have them again.
And of course Mac and Cheese.
So for me the fries were better at Patty and Bun, but the Mac and Cheese, well you can see from the photo it was cooked to crisp perfection and still to this day is one of the best mac and cheeses I have had.
Would I go again ?
Looking back on the menu now I would happily go again, there is a lot to choose from and it just reminds me of being in America and feeling like I'm properly in the south with all the foods that you would typically find there.
I'm looking at the dessert menu right now and that definitely deserves a try next time also.