Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Dirty Bones

Sunday Funday dinner at Dirty Bones in Carnaby Street Kingly Court. 
Recently opened towards the end of 2015. Every time I had tried to go here for dinner on a walk in on the day basis it was always fully booked and being so close to Christmas it was just a no go.
Luckily it was a Sunday evening towards the end of January and as you can see from the photo it was perfect. 
What I had
I ordered the Spicy Chicken Burger for a main. 
Mac and Cheese, Dirty Fries for sides. 
And Salt and Pepper Squid as a main for my friend. 
The waitress did warn us when we ordered about the Chicken being possibly pink inside and that it is cooked and fine to eat, which I am glad she mentioned or I would of freaked out and thought it wasn't cooked haha.
Either way slightly pink it didn't disappoint, and the Mac And Cheese was of course dreamy.
However I did contemplate going for the chicken and waffles, as to me that's such a strange combination that not every restaurant serves. Maybe I'll try that when we visit Stax, also located in Carnaby Street.
Would I go again?
The atmosphere was nice, especially as it was quiet, we got our food with very little wait and the staff were very informative and attentive when we needed them. 
I would probably go again and try something different off the menu, although the menu didn't completely blow me away like I had been in previous restaurants.
What I loved the most was the cute little book they give you when you go to pay. 
You can write about your Dirty experience in there, obviously they mean about the restaurant haha. 
But It was so entertaining to read through, with people leaving their numbers and everything. 
Make sure you have a read through before you leave, some of the messages are hilarious.