Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Cereal Killer Cafe


I'm sure many of you will be familiar with The Cereal Killer Café.
It hit the news just over a year ago, two twin brothers had opened up a cafe purely serving breakfast items, with more cereals than you could of ever imagined. And plenty more choice than your local supermarket.

Started by two twins the first Cereal Killer Cafe opened in Brick Lane Shoreditch. 
Since the success of the Shoreditch cafe, a Camden location has since opened, which looks a lot bigger and complete with little beds to sit and eat your cereal, how cuteeeee!!! 

The Location
The original cereal killer cafe is pretty small, with only two tables upstairs and a long window seat, luckily there is a downstairs complete with all the old fashioned TVs and filled with posters and toys from your childhood. 

We visited on a Sunday around 2.30pm which seemed like the perfect time as even though there was a little line to order there were plenty of tables downstairs to choose from. 
We walked past a bit later and the line was out the door, so expect it to get super busy. 

Ordering takes a while, I would suggest having a look at the menu before you go, as I found the wall with all the toppings and milk on very confusing as there was so much of it and it wasn't laid out in the easiest of ways to read what was what. 
And as for cereal, where do I start, it's just insane. As you can see in the pictures there's so much choice. 

What I went for
I went for a medium size bowel which meant I could have two different types of cereal in that.
 I'm not sure but maybe with the large you could have three but such a good way to try out lots of different cereals at the same time.
I had Lucky Charms and Caramel Popcorn Crunch with Cadbury Flake on the top with banana milk. 
I have got to say choosing was quite overwhelming so if you have to wait in line to order it's ideal to look over what you want. 
Along with the cereal I had to try one of the hot chocolates that caught my eye earlier on in the week whilst scrolling through instagram. 
With four to choose from I went for the salted caramel hot chocolate, which was amazinggggg. 
I didn't even know they did these amazing hot chocolates till I saw them on instagram. You have to try one if you go they are next level and make for the perfect food porn pictures. 
I'm going to have to go back so many times to try out all the cereals and I am most definitely going to take a visit to the Camden branch.