Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Underground Film Club

From the Rooftop Film Club to the Underground Film Club.

Run by the same people it was time to go underground for a cute cinema experience. 
We went to watch Love Actually, which is honestly my favourite Christmas film and we got to see it a few days before Christmas as well. I was certainly feeling the Christmas spirit after this.

Since hearing about this back in September it has been on my list of things to do before the end of 2015 and I'm so glad I got the chance.


As many of you keep asking me, The Underground Film Club is situated in the Waterloo Vaults. The website says its directly underneath Waterloo Station, which is kind of true but also not completely underneath.
It took a bit of walking and searching to actually find it but eventually we got there.
And once we did it was like a magical under world of cocktails, crazy golf and movies.

It was like falling through the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland.
Once through the entrance you enter a bar / crazy mini golf area, with neon lights on the walls and food stalls towards the back.
Perfect and ideal to get drunk and play a game of golf before your film, and even try out the food. Basically they have your whole evening underground sorted.

Before entering the cinema, you have to pass yet another bar, up the stairs and into the cutest cinema lounge, with old fashioned lamps and rugs on the floor. It has just the right atmosphere and the dimmest lighting for all the right romantic cinema effects.

On this floor you can purchase popcorn for the movie, and more drinks if you wish.
The bar is open through out the film if you just cant stop drinking.

The cinema

Before you enter the cinema the stewards hand you your headphones that you need to wear to hear the film and tell you how to use them, and then they draw back the curtain into the cutest and smallest yet biggest underground cinema you have ever seen.

Stepping down towards the screen you can sit wherever you like, but bare in mind these screenings sell out so more than likely you will be sat very closely next to others, so best not to leave odd seats in between you.
With the iconic red seats its picture perfect.

The seating is very compact and close together, and to be honest not the comfiest of seats,. I'm sure there were different types of seats towards the back of the screen.
Once we sat down it seemed near impossible to get out again as it was very tight, so that's probably the only downfall but its perfectly understandable considering the location.
The headphones work a dream, and its actually pretty funny really as while the film is on the whole cinema is practically silent and if you take them off you can hear the odd person thinking they are whispering to their friend but in fact they are shouting which I found very amusing.
What I thought?

I loved it just as much as the Rooftop cinema and I am already planning a return visit in 2016 while they are still showing films.
Its a definite must do with the girls or again dream date material if you want to impress your date.
I feel I may have to start a blog about best date ideas soon :)