Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Patty And Bun

Saturday night dinner at James Streets Patty And Bun. Having been recommended I eat there it's only been a matter of time till I eventually made it for one of their famous burgers. 
Where ?
The James Street branch is very small and only seats 30 people so seeing as we got there at 9pm on a Saturday night it was obviously heaving, but the line outside to get in didn't put us off, I hear queuing out the door is a common occurrence for Patty And Bun, surely that only shows how good it is. 
We waited for about 15mins which seemed to pass by very quickly when your sitting outside on a lovely Saturday evening with your best friend for company. 
The Inside

I looooooved the vibe in there, be it very small they have got it exactly right. 
The tables are bare, except for what you can see in the photos and the music was amazing, very much perfect for getting you in the mood to go out, I must remember to take note of the link on the menu so I can have another listen to the mixes. 
As its so small the seats are very close together but it didn't seem to be a problem at all probably because the music was loud, it wasn't awkward enough to hear each others conversations. 
The Food 
The menu is kept simple with 6 different burgers to choose from and choice of sides. 
I went for the 'Smokey Robinson' burger and my friend went for 'ARI GOLD' cheeseburger, and we both got the Chips with Roast Chicken Mayo and Chicken Skin Salt. 
Those chips are a must have, they are to die for, I cannot even explain, if you go, get them. 
And the burger was just as you expected, the caramelised onions in mine really topped it off, it's exactly what you would want from a burger joint. 
I loved the way it was presented but I'm not sure what the whole deal is with no plates in these places anymore haha. 
I sort of wish they had a bit more on the menu like Mac and Cheese but I suppose it's all about the burgers and that definitely makes up for that. 

Would I go again?
I think I probably would, it would be nice to visit one of the other restaurants as I think they might be that bit bigger which would mean less worrying about waiting for a table, it is such a perfect date location as well, independent restaurants are way better than your standard big chain restaurants and who doesn't love to try somewhere new and show someone else what gem you have discovered. 
But I definitely would recommend it if you love trying out new and independent burger restaurants, especially as Patty and Bun originally started as a pop up its done so well for itself and you can see why.