Saturday, 25 July 2015

Pizza Pilgrims

Pizza Pilgrims has been on the list of restaurants that I wanted to try for a little while now. 
I am so in love with stone baked pizzas and I had heard such rave reviews about Pizza Pilgrims so naturally I had to try it out. 

Where ? 

Right in the heart of Londons carnaby street you will find Kingsly Court, which is tucked away and full of amazing restaurants, and that is where you will find pizza pilgrims and plenty of other restaurants that tickle your fancy.  

What I had
The menu as you might guess it just pizza, I normally go for a basic pepperoni pizza but they didn't have that on the menu, so I went for the next best thing which was the salami. 

What I thought ? 

The pizza itself I thought was fairly average. I love a stonebaked pizza because they are crispier and just generally taste better than normal pizzas, however with Pizza Pilgrims I found that my pizza was really watery and moist which frankly is not what you want from a stone baked pizza. 
I think it had too much sauce and not enough cheese. 
I was quite surprised at this as everyone has always said great stuff about it. 
But unfortunately it's not for me and I probably won't be returning in the future as I was not blown away. 
The hunt for a great stoned baked pizza restaurant rages on, Homeslice Pizza sounds like the next one to try. Watch this space.