Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Oxo Tower Rooftop Bar

So just as I promised in the Soho Sky Bar post, I visited another rooftop in London. 

This time it was the Oxo Tower along London's south bank. 

Reservation? Do it

We made a reservation for the rooftop bar on Saturday afternoon, I would highly suggest making a reservation as it was fully booked and will continue to be through out summer while the weather is nice. 
You can just turn up and have drinks at the bar or in the viewing area but you don't get to sit down out there and it's rather small. 

Allocated seating time

You get a restricted time for your terrace seats which is usually an hour and a half to allow for other guests to enjoy it as well which is fair enough. 
I think the allocated time is fine seeing as the terrace is actually pretty small and the view isn't that spectacular, so its not like you need hours up there.

We managed to fit in two cocktails in that time, but that was about as much as I could manage. I'm not a massive lover of alcohol anyway, and theses cocktails were very strong, I was done after two for sure. 

Ive tried to look for the menu to find out what the first cocktail I ordered was called but I cannot find it anywhere but the second one was the vanilla malt which came in the milk bottle.
I saw this one on the menu and it sounded soooo nice and then once I had seen someone else with it I just had to have it, look how cute it is.
What I Thought?
Its a good idea if you have a table booked for lunch or dinner on the other side of the terrace as you can get drinks in this area first if your table isn't ready.
From the ground it can be pretty easy to miss as it just looks like a block flats with OXO written down the side. But once your up there you have a beautiful view over the Thames, however if you want more of a view of London its not that high up and even though it is classed as a rooftop bar its not actually on a rooftop, more just like a normal bar off the side of a building.
But I would definitely recommend trying it at least once, the service and employees were lovely and the menu caters a wide variety of drinks.