Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Big Easy - Covent Garden

Ok so before I start to write a review about the Big Easy I must apologise for the lack of decent photos, and the quality of them. What can I say I was more bothered about the food ha, and plus it was super dark.
Covent Garden
The Big Easy I went to was in Covent Garden, and there are two others in Chelsea on Kings Road or in Canary Wharf.
I made an online booking that week for about 6.30pm on the Saturday as I have tried to go here for dinner before without a booking and its just impossible as the place is always so busy.
I think you can always walk in and sit up around the bar area if you really want to try your luck.
I was super excited to try this restaurant out because in case you didn't know its the one where you get to wear a massive bib. Literally search it on instagram and every single picture is of someone wearing the bib, you just have to get a picture wearing it, and naturally I did too if you scroll down you'll see me sporting the look.
The Bar
As we got there a bit early they took our names and told us to go get a drink at the bar and they would come get us when our table was ready.
The bar area has the most amazing selection of bottles I have ever seen you cannot miss it.
The Big Easy is a typical American restaurant so each time a new person sits down at the bar the barmen pour out a new batch of pretzels for you to enjoy while waiting for your table.
I love little touches like that.
The Food
The Big Easy is known for their lobster and seafood. I actually don't eat anything like that so if your like me there are other options so don't feel like you cannot go there, you'll find something especially if you like chicken. 
I have never had lobster before and I thought I might as well try it while I'm there for something new and how could I really of gone there without trying their trademark dish.
I ordered half a lobster, and the Bar B.Q Chicken Sandwich which came with fries and house 'slaw.
And oh my god the chicken sandwich was the best thing I had ate in a longggggg time. It was just unreal and the fries were decent too, I would happily go back again.
Now the lobster on the other hand, not my thing haha. I just didn't really like the taste of it but that's personal preference but I'm glad I tried it.
If you do like lobster you can get it in a variety of different dishes so you will love it.
Also the cool red and white slushy drinks you can see in my pictures is a mix of Pina colada and a strawberry daiquiri, I cant seem to find the name of it on the menu but they will get what you mean if you ask for that.
The Atmosphere
It reminded  me of a typical American style restaurant, I go to America a lot and the style and vibe reminded me a lot of Logan's Roadhouse and I love that as that's very hard to find in London.
There is a downstairs to the Covent Garden branch with another bar and an open kitchen.
Its pretty dark in there and it just has general American country vibes with mason jars with candles in on the tables.
I know they have live music on some nights as well and specials on different days so look out for those.
I would highly recommend it to anyone, I mean you have to go, if only to get that classic bib picture.