Tuesday, 2 June 2015


So here we are again, another food review and another burger to review.
Recently I am just loving burgers and there are so many burger restaurants that I just have to try out, I literally go through instagram at the moment just looking at all these amazing burger joints, so that leads me onto today's blog.... the famous FIVE GUYS.
Over the weekend I finally got to try it out, I had been meaning to try it out for like a year I swear so I was super excited as I had heard such good things, I've seen the queues outside the Covent Garden one before so they have to be doing something right.
I went to the one in Westfield White City on Saturday but they have literally popped up everywhere over the past year, and have expanded outside of London as well which is good if you don't live close and you want to try it, I'm sure there will be one near you.
And if your reading this from America like I know some of you do then you would of had FIVE GUYS around for much longer than us Brits.
The Food
So obviously its mainly burgers but you can also get hot dogs too, but its all about the burgers for me.
I ordered the Cheeseburger which was £8.00 and then you can add whatever toppings you want for free, I went for tomato sauce, mayo and grilled onions. I was supposed to put lettuce in there too but I must of forgotten when trying to order all the toppings haha.

So little did I know that the cheese burger has two pattys inside, like literally whaaaaat!!
I wish I had known this before because I definitely would of gotten the mini cheeseburger which I am assuming is just one patty and not like a tiny burger for kids!!
It was super messy to eat but then what good burger isn't?!

Either way it was literally heaven, I don't normally eat burgers when I go to normal restaurants as they are always so average, so this was such a treat and it didn't disappoint. Even though it was huge and very messy to eat it was delicious I cant even explain, if you haven't been you have to go.
I didn't get any fries with it and I'm so glad I didn't I would of been in sucha food coma, however this did fill me up for the rest of the day and evening.
And another little touch was the free monkey nuts, what a good idea, and so American as well.
It reminded me of when I eat at Logan's Roadhouse when I'm in Orlando.

What I Thought?
Its not exactly a restaurant where you would go on a date, it is more of a fast food restaurant like MacDonald's but its perfect for a quick meal with good quality food.
I like the fact you can see the staff making your food in front of you so you know its all fresh, but it was manic, there was a lot of shouting to each other in the kitchen so I sat in the outside seating area inside westfield because It was very hectic in there.
I am definitely going to go back again at some point to try out the cool drinks machine where you can have like over 100 different types of soda and to obviously try out the fries, but I think next time I will try the mini cheeseburger.