Friday, 22 May 2015

YO Sushi No Sushi

For years I avoided going to Yo Sushi because I'm not really into sushi, However you can go for dinner at Yo Sushi and avoid it altogether, which surprisingly many people didn't know you could do, but you can and its AMAZING and I wish I had found a post like this to tell me about it sooner. 

The Concept 
I think the whole concept of YO Sushi is so cool and different, I love the little conveyor belt which goes round past your seat so you can pick up whatever you want as and when you see it, and it's mainly all cold food on the belt and you order the hot food to be made fresh while you wait. 

The coloured bowl situation is something you need to be aware of, or before you know it you've spent a fortune. 
On the menu the coloured plates will correlate to a price, for example all blue plates are £2.70, and on Mondays they have a thing called Blue Plate Monday where everything on the belt is £2.70, I've never done this but I think you can only pick up what you see and not order. 

So if like me you want to order hot food, you have to press the help button which will be situated where you are sat. 
I actually loved this idea, because you can call a waiter as and when you need them, rather than them keep coming over to check on you. 
As you can see from the photo the little bubble stick will light up red In front of you and your table number will be read out in a Japanese voice, which I absolutely loved. 
I really like places that have quirky little features and YO Sushi has that.  

What We Ordered 

To start with I picked up the Purple plate Spicy Chicken Roll, because it looked liked sushi but with chicken in the middle and I wanted to try the non sushi version of it just for fun. 
I had it with Soy sauce and I absolutely loved it, the texture was different to anything Id had before and If you don't eat sushi it's a good plate to start with because It's very similar in the way it's made. 

My mains were a choice of hot plates 

Pink Plate Chicken Katsu Curry 
Orange Plate Chicken Gyaza 

The two plates were enough for me and I was full. Just talking about the food now and thinking back to it is making me crave it big time. 
There is so much choice that I feel like another trip is definitely on the cards and purely because it was some of the best Japanese food I have ever had before. 

My friend ordered 

Orange Plate Spicy Pepper Squid 
Orange Plate Spicy Chicken Salad 
Pink Plate Duck Gyoza 

For dessert I opted for the Orange Plate Strawberry Cheese Cake Mochi which honestly was the strangest dessert I've had with the strangest consistency. It's basically a squishy rice cake with a creamy filling, it was a bit stodgy and not something I would order again but I'm glad I got to try it as I haven't seen that served anywhere else before. 

My friend ordered the Purple Plate Custard Dorayaki. Which is basically pancakes with a custard filling.  
Spicy Chicken Roll

Chicken Katsu Curry and Chicken Gyaza 

Strawberry Cheese cake Mochi and Custard Dorayaki

What I thought ? 

I actually surprised myself with how much I liked it to be honest, and because there is such a wide choice of food to choose from I immediately knew I wanted to go back as soon as I finished that meal. 
I loved the whole lay out of the restaurant and the novelty of the conveyor belt with the little help button etc and as you know I do love something a bit different to the standard restaurants. 
I think YO Sushi has something for everyone even if you don't eat sushi or fish as I have clearly proved that, and I hope this opens up other people's eyes to the fact you can go there without having to eat it.