Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Wahaca Westfield White City

After a little shopping in Westfield White City a couple of Sunday's ago, we had the option of all the restaurants outside on the terrace. 

I'm  not exaggerating when I say we walked up and down the terrace about three times and read every single menu. 
You will come to realise I am very indecisive. 

It was a toss up between Busabi Thai and Wahaca. As you can see Wahaca is what we went for after I instagramed pictures of the food to finally make a decision. 

What is Wahaca ? 

Wahaca is basically a Mexican Street Food restaurant if you weren't sure, because I had no idea what it was or how the menu worked but like Nandos your server should explain to you how it works. 

The Food. 

There is a wide range of different plates you can choose from, you can get a selection of the small plates to share which is what we did, that way we got to try a bit of everything. 
There is an option of having a main, but I found there was more choice on the street menu. 

What we ordered. 

Below is a picture of the street food we ordered. 

To start - Fresh Tomato Salsa and Chips £3.10
Taco - Grilled British Steak £4.50
Tostadas - Chicken & Parmasan £4.20
Quesadilla - Chipotle Chicken £4.20
Taquitos - Tender, Marinited Chicken £4.00

Even though they are small plates it's definitely all you need. 


Obviously had to be Churros and a Chocolate Sauce Dip for dessert in true Mexican desserts. £3.95 

Churros are Mexican doughnuts, however these churros were not very doughy which was a bit disappointing. 

Would I make a return visit ?

100% I cannot wait to go back, I love Mexican food anyway and the street food idea is ideal for trying out old favourites and new dishes. 
I would highly recommend you to try it out when you are next in London.