Sunday, 24 May 2015

The Lounge at Odeon

So anyone that knows me knows that I love the cinema, I have a Cineworld card so I pretty much go all the time and watch everything. 

Since visiting The Electric Cinema a couple of weeks ago I wanted to find more places that deliver a new and exciting cinema experience. 

Where ? 

After researching luxury cinemas in and around London the best one I found that appealed to me was The Lounge at Odeon Whiteleys. 
It was completely different to the Electric cinema and the whole concept is completely different to any cinema I have been to before. 

The Idea 

It's like a cinema and restaurant all in one. 
There's only a couple of screens and they are much smaller than normal cinemas making it feel much more intimate and exclusive. 
So while you are watching your film you can order a three course meal If you'd like which can be delivered to your seat through out the film or whenever you choose by the in house waiters and waitresses which are on hand through out the film. 
How it works 

There are two different styles of seats you can chose to sit in, either your own big armchair or a sofa, which is perfect If you want to go see a movie with your partner but would rather not be separated and have a cuddle instead. Just like if you were to watch a film at home. 
Each seat has a side table installed which you can move around In front of you for easier dining and watching. You can see the layout Of the table in my photos. Complete with cutlery and your menu. 

You can use the buttons on your armchair to chose to recline the seat back and have your feet up, it really is complete luxury, this is where you will also find the button to call your waiter over to you whenever you need them. I was loving this whole concept when I was in there, I love anything different and little quirky so I so excited.


What I Ordered  

You can order food and drink up until half hour before the end of your film but Because I had only just been out for dinner I was full, I did think about having a meal in the cinema, although it is pretty unsociable for whoever you go with but that is something I definitely want to do if I go in the future. 
Anyways I had to order something didn't I, plus this dessert I just couldn't resist. 
Just look at it, I didn't expect it to be so well presented for a cinema dessert but I was highly impressed and not to mention it tasted bloody unreal as well. 
It is the Banoffee with popcorn ice cream, caramelised popcorn and chocolate popping candy. If your going to go I would definitely recommend trying out this dessert. 
Quite a lot of people did order meals whist watching and just a note if you want popcorn you can actually order it even though it's not in the menu, and you get a rather large bowl of it as well. 
What I Thought ?

I absolutely loved this idea, I mean where can you go in England and watch a film and order a full on meal in the cinema, and I'm not just talking about popcorn and hot dogs, this is the real deal.
It's served to you just like how any restaurant would, the waiters are really polite and attentive and are there for your every need. 
It's worth getting there a bit earlier as The Lounge is separate from the rest of the cinema and there is a nice bar area in which you can have a drink before your film starts. 

I think the whole idea is amazing and I wish there were more cinemas with this type of experience available, however like always there is always room for improvement. 
As much as I loved it there were a couple parts of it I didn't enjoy. 
Obviously the waiters are up and down the isle through out the film so it can become increasingly distracting especially if your someone like me and wants to know and see what everyone has ordered. I couldn't stop looking when they were walking past. 
Unlike a usual cinema it's not pitch black or you would probably be coming out with food all down yourself, and personally I like to watch a movie in pitch black but I understand why it's like that. 

Towards the end of your film the waiters will drop off your bill at your table, during the middle of the film and you are expected to pay while the film is still on. 
I can't tell you how distracting that is, so it's very difficult to get into the film while so much is going on around you in the cinema. But I think that's perfectly understandable as they don't want people leaving without paying. 

I think I would definitely go back again, and maybe this time to experience the food a bit more. Everyone will just have to put up with my camera flash going off while I quickly hide it and pretend I don't take pictures of everything I eat ha.