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The Electric Cinema Notting Hill Review

 Saturday 25th April 2015
I started off my evening by stumbling across Honest Burger, and I had heard so many good reviews about it, and burger joints are what I love anyway, so it was a no brainer.
Unfortunately I forgot to save the photos I took of the burgers while I was there.
But I wasn't disappointed, what made it even better was that they served old fashion homemade lemonade in Jam Jars, and that is so my thing.
I visited the one on Portobello Road in Notting Hill, its probably the smallest restaurant I have ever eaten in and if you don't get there early its likely you will have to wait for a table.
But more importantly, the main reason why I was in Notting Hill Saturday night was that I had finally booked tickets for The Electric Cinema, which is just one door down from Honest Burger.

How Beautiful Is This Cinema.
I discovered The Electric Cinema quite a while ago and I have been wanting to go ever since I trawled through photos of it on Instagram.
What is The Electric Cinema?
For those of you who don't know what The Electric Cinema is, its an old fashion 1940s luxury cinema.
The decor is all a deep red, and when I say luxury I mean you can pay for a bed to watch your movie if you wish.

How much?
We went for the standard armchair which cost £15.50 per person which I think is pretty reasonable for the experience your getting.
A Back Row Sofa will cost you £40 each and a Front Row Sofa (Bed) costs £25 each.
In front of the armchair was a footstool, which if you open up will find a lush cashmere blanket to wrap yourself up in. So it really is just like being in your own living room.
I will list all the photos below so you can see just how amazing it is inside.
What Can You Eat And Drink ?
As you enter the foyer, you pick up your cinema tickets from an old fashioned ticket booth with one member of staff working behind it, and then you walk into a little pick 'n' mix corner but in keeping with the old fashioned theme.
You pay £3.50 for a small pink and white candy stripe tub and you can fill it to your hearts content. Obviously I just had to get some.
Once in the cinema there is a bar with your usual cinema snacks, but unusually no popcorn which I thought was a bit of a let down, although you can get a selection of cakes and nachos.
Bare in mind if you are going to purchase drinks or any food from the bar make sure you have enough to last you through the whole film, as once the bar closes it never re-opens again.
I went to watch the Avengers: Age Of Ultron in 3D so I really got my moneys worth as it was such a long movie.
The only thing I didn't really rate was the 3D glasses, I think next time I will just see a normal 2D film.
What I thought ?
 I was buzzing whilst I was in there I was so excited, its one of my favourite cinemas by miles and one of the best cinema experiences.
I cannot wait to make a return visit and I would definitely recommend you to check it out when you have an evening free to experience cinema viewing luxury.
For those of you on the other side of London, there is an Electric Cinema in Shoreditch. 


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