Monday, 25 May 2015

Saturday Night Dinner at Byron Burger

I'm pretty sure everyone has heard or even has had a Byron Burger at some point by now. 

I first went to Byron Burger quite a few years ago and ever since I have loved it and it's been one of my favourite burger joints. 
Over the years I have tried out various branches and they are all just as good as each other. 

The one I visited on Saturday evening was in Bayswater before I went to The Lounge. 
The Food 

Byron is all about good beef burgers, and that's all I'm interested in when I go there. 
No matter which branch I go to they always deliver the same great food and service and Bayswater was no different. 

I tent to always order the same thing because it's not every week you can eat a Byron, it fills me up for days after I swear. 
So I tend to always go for the cheese burger with Cheddar cheese and always well done. I know a lot of people usually say well done is too much and it's too dry and not as tasty. But I disagree with that especially at Byron, they do it really well and it's still juicy and full of flavour.
I also ordered fries and onion rings on the side, however the onion rings were to share, I definitely couldn't of eaten all of that, but I would highly recommend the onion rings.

I haven't had a milkshake at Byron for years so I thought I would treat myself to see if it tastes just as good as I remember. 
I went for the vanilla with malt for an extra 25p and it was beautiful but as usual I always order too much for my little stomach to handle and ended up feeling so full after it all that I could only drink half. 
But if you are going to try out Byron getting a milkshake to share for dessert is always a good idea. 

What I Thought ? 

As always Byron didn't disappoint, and as I have been doing for the last few years I will of course be going back to get my burger fix, but I can't imagine it will be for while, I've never felt so full in my life after that meal.  

We had THE cutest waiter ever as well, honestly he was too beautiful to be working in Byron with a lush Irish accent and he was so attentive and good at his job and it's always nice to have a good looking guy serving you food.
Go for dinner there just to see him haha. 

Outfit Details:
Jacket: River Island
Top: River Island
Jeans: Zara
Necklace: Topshop