Friday, 15 May 2015

Not So Giggling Squid Review

Last Saturday night I went for dinner at Giggling Squid in Marlow Bucks.
I have seen so many people go on and on about how amazing Giggling Squid is and that its the best Thai food around, so naturally I had to try it.
There are only thirteen Giggling Squids in the country I was choosing between Marlow and Henley, both were pretty busy when trying to book a table, so I would advise booking in advance if you wanted to go at the weekend.
The Food
There was literally so much to chose from, and after speaking to some of my friends and reading other blog reviews I was torn between what to order, I think I sat there for half and hour because it all just sounded soooo good!!!
What I ordered
The waitress asks everyone if they would like Prawn Crackers when taking the drinks order, and obviously I said yes, such a good snack to have while waiting for your food to come and one of my friends said that they were good and that I had to try them.
And yeah they were ok nothing special, and the chilli dip you get with them is literally so small, they are probably something I could give a miss if I was to go again.
Prawn Crackers
For my main I ordered Paneang Chicken Curry. I wanted to try something a little different from a Thai Green Curry and a Thai Red Curry. The Paneang Chicken Curry is in the round bowl.
I had this with the Sticky Rice, which I cannot rave about enough. I had never had sticky rice before and I loved it. I thought the curry was really flavoursome and the chicken was perfect with it, but I wasn't blown away by it and I probably wouldn't order it again if I was to return.
My friend ordered the Red Duck Curry with Coconut Rice.

We ordered the Sleeping Honey Duck with Orange Salad to share as that had also been a dish recommended to me. But oh my god I wish I hadn't even bothered. After having the duck at Hutong The Shard I don't think anything else will compare.
This Duck was really rubbery and hard to eat, I had about one slice and that was it I didn't want anymore after that. The only thing I rated about it was that it came out on a hot sizzling plate which was cool, just a shame the food was not up to standards.
Sleeping Honey Duck with Orange Salad
Paneang Chicken Curry
So this was the dessert we both went for, I have had a look on the website menu to see if I can remember what its called and its not on there and I cant for the life of me remember what it was but I do remember it being rather nice, It was sort of like a fruit cake baked, I know not very helpful, but if you were to visit I am sure it will still be on the menu.
The decoration for the dessert was impressive, but there wasn't a lot of desserts to chose from, it probably wouldn't of been my main choice of desserts.  

Now here is where I really tell you what I thought of Giggling Squid.
After wanting to try it out for so long as I had heard such good reviews, this is why I will not be returning and why I did not rate it.
The Service
In most restaurants waiters and waitresses sort of know when your ready to take your order, its pretty obvious if your still looking at the menu that you probably aren't ready.
The one thing that really annoyed me about this place was that they would come over every few minutes to ask if we had decided yet, it actually got rather ridiculous especially when trying to chose a dessert, the waiter came over more than five times to take our order in which I was still undecided.
It felt like they were trying to rush our meal and to be honest It ruined the whole experience as it seemed they just wanted to close up and leave.
The Atmosphere and Layout
The Marlow restaurant isn't particularly very big, there is however an upstairs, but if you are really tall be careful, the restaurant is made for hobbits.
We were seated on a two seater table in the middle of the downstairs part of the restaurant and after only being there for ten minutes, a couple came and sat at the table right next to us.
And when I say right next to us, I mean literally on top of us.
We might as well have pushed our tables together I could hear their whole conversation and they could hear ours, they were so close.
Obviously this massively ruined the atmosphere and vibe of the restaurant.
No one wants to go for dinner and be sat right on top of someone else where it doesn't feel private or intimate.
Definitely do not go there if you want to go on a date, I cant imagine that would be an ideal date situation for anyone.
What I Thought / Would I Go Back ?
The last two points really ruined my experience, who wants to go for dinner and be harassed by the staff and sit uncomfortably close to other diners.
The food was good but it wasn't amazing, it did not blow me away and I most definitely have been to better Thai restaurants.
Overall the bill came to around £70 and for what we got I was highly disappointed, I left feeling as if I wished Id spent my evening elsewhere.

However this was my experience and my opinion it may have been different if I had gone on a different day / evening, although the experience should still be the same. 
I was left disappointed afterwards so therefore as much as I dislike having to write a bad review, Im not going to sit here and write a fake one telling you why I loved it when I didn't. 
Obviously not everyone will agree with me and that's fine, we all different so please respect that when reading.