Thursday, 7 May 2015

Lunch With A View - Hutong The Shard

I have always always wanted to visit The Shard, I think I have been banging on about going for a year now.
On bank holiday Monday May 4th I finally got to go and have lunch at Hutong.
Hutong is situated on the 33rd floor of The Shard. I always wanted to visit Hutong the most as the decor is absolutely stunning and it did not disappoint.
We got lucky with getting a table next to the window as it says when booking you cannot request a window table.
The Food
Probably one of if not the best Chinese restaurants I have dined in. Chinese is a favourite of mine anyway, but this was next level.
At lunch time you can chose between a Dim Sum menu where you can chose five different plates.
However we opted for the normal lunch time Chinese menu as it had more choice, and I have actually never had Dim Sum before and I wasn't about to risk it at The Shard!!!

What We Ordered

I think we went a bit overboard when ordering but you don't eat at The Shard every day do you, so we just went for it.

Starter : Roasted Peking Duck (Half) £30
Basically every other person in the restaurant also got duck as a starter. So if you go you HAVE to try it. The chef comes out to your table holding the duck and slices little pieces off for you, instead of shredding it which I'm sure is how we normally eat duck.

Mains : Shandong Shredded Chicken, with homemade butterfly buns £15.50
Fried Chicken Fillet With Sichuan Dried Chilli £23
Sauteed Crispy Shredded Beef and Chilli £26
Egg White Fried Rice £7.50
Fried Noodles With Seasonal Vegetables £7.50


Yalong Bay and Mango and Pomegranate Margarita
Below you can see the restaurant and food in photos.

Toilet Views

Always time for a toilet selfie ha!


What I Thought / Would I Go Back?

It is definitely somewhere I want to revisit, but this time maybe for dinner as I can imagine it looks beautiful with all the lanterns lit up.
The atmosphere was different to how I thought it would be. I was worried it was going to be really stuffy and stuck up but it wasn't what so ever and the staff are so welcoming and friendly.
It is pricey, but as I always say you pay for quality, and that is what you get at Hutong, you probably wont need as much food as we ordered, I could barely finish it all and obviously alcohol will rack your bill up, but hey you only live once right?

Now just to try the other three :)