Monday, 11 May 2015

Crumbs and doilies

I first heard about Crumbs And Doilies last year, when a friend told me about them when they were just a YouTube channel. 

So I checked them out and followed @CupcakeJemma and Crumbs and Doilies on Instagram, as it is literally food porn. And with such a sweet tooth I love nothing more than pretty cakes and colourful cupcakes so instantly I fell in love. 

Then one day The Carnaby Street News Letter appeared in my inbox, I read that Crumbs and Doilies will be opening in Kingsly Court in December 2014, best news everrrrr!!! 
I actually couldn't believe how well they had done from working with Jamie Oliver on Foodtube to then having their own shop. 

So basically ever since then I have literally been like their number 1 fan, I check the Twitter and Instagram every day and I love watching Jemmas YouTube channel so I can recreate all the delicious cakes she sells in the shop. 

Since December I have been dying to go but never seemed to get round to it. 
Until this week, I made a specific trip there before I went to The Shard. 

Where Can I Find It ? 

Crumbs And Doilies can be found in Kingsbury Court in Carnaby Street. It's tucked down a little lane and I feel like it's a little secret shop that no body knows about. It is the only place so far that you can find a Crumbs and Doilies shop, which I think makes it even more special. 
Inside The Shop
There isn't much space in the shop, which is fine if you are getting a cupcake to take out. 
But if you wanted to sit in and have a coffee, there is a long table facing out of the window of the shop with high stalls or seats with no table on the left hand side. 

I was getting a couple of cupcakes to take away as I didn't have time to sit in the shop. 

Below is the cupcakes available to buy on the day I visited. 
I wanted to try every single one they all looked delicious and I very nearly did end up buying the lot as I got overly excited whilst I was in there but I had to stop myself. 


What I Went For

As the most indecisive person I finally went for a Salted Caramel Pretzel, a mini Mint Choc Chip (for my mum) and the Corner Shop Tiffin. 
After carrying the cupcakes around with me all day they were not in a picture perfect state but below is the Corner Shop Tiffin, which I halved with my mum. 
And I am so glad I did because it was so rich, I felt so so sick afterwards but it was lovely. 
Prices vary on each cupcake.

What I thought 

The customer service wasn't that great in the shop, and I did have to wait a while to be served and there was only two people In front of me. The man did serve me wasn't very welcoming or polite which was disappointing and sort of let down the whole experience. 
I have heard that sometimes even Jemma works in there and serves you so I can imagine she would probably be lovely and have better customer service. 
In the shop they have cute little single cupcake brown boxes and larger boxes for say 12 or so cupcakes to be put into for takeaway, which hold all your cupcakes in place.
However with my cupcakes and Tiffin they were put into a normal brown box without the logo on the front and after seeing pictures of everyone else purchases in the boxes I would of expected that as well.
Those were the only two negatives that I think they could improve on, other than that I loved visiting and I cannot wait to go back again. The cupcakes and corner shop tiffin were so tasty and I would highly recommend you taking a trip there if you have a sweet tooth for cupcakes like me.
I cannot wait to make my return and blog about my next sweet treats.

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