Friday, 29 May 2015

BeautyCon Comes To London

On Saturday 23rd May BeautyCon came to London. It's the first time BeautyCon has been in the UK which was held at Kensingtons Olympia. 

For those of you that don't know BeautyCon is an event for Youtubers and Bloggers to come together all in one place, as well as beauty brands. 

Considering it was the first one to be held here it wasn't done too badly, but It wasn't what I expected at all. After attending IMATS and The Clothes Show Live in the past I had imagined it would be on the same scale, however that wasn't the case, there weren't a lot of stands to buy from and the venue wasn't decked out that well. Just a couple of balloons here and there saying beautycon, while the majority of the space was taken up by the meet and greet areas for the youtubers. 

I wasn't interested in meeting youtubers, but there were a lot of younger girls there who seemed to spend most of their day queuing to see their favourite youtuber. 
I'm not sure if it was because it was the first Beautycon held here but it definitely could of been decorated better, it looked as if they had no budget, and it mainly centred around meeting youtubers when I would of much preferred if there was more beauty stands to look at and buy from as well. 
There was also an area for you to watch Youtubers talk about certain topics, which honestly was a little cringey as no one really knew what to say. It would of been much more worthwhile to have more talks about YouTube and blogging as a business, that is something I would of found very interesting. I think that the majority of the talks were based at a younger audience, mainly the Youtubers fans which were there.

My favourite stands were Crown Brush and Red Carpet Manicure. 
Crown brush had soooo many brushes to chose from, literally it was difficult to chose, and they were all at a discounted price and we all know how much brushes cost us make up artists. 
Red Carpet Manicure had such good discounts, it was four colours for £20 which is amazing considering how much they are individually at normal retail price, they also had all the Cinderella limited edition colours, different LED light sets and everything you need to remove your gel nails. 
Honestly I was loving life, I was in need of purchasing more gel colours but they just cost so much so this made my day.
Red Carpet also had quite a few nail technicians there on the day who were doing complimentary gel nails.
I think I might do a gel nail blog post soon compared to normal nail varnish. 

Red Carpet Manicure Colours I Purchased

304 Expresso Yourself
516 An Evening To Remember
222 Mimosas By The Pool
753 Fuchsia Dreams
Liz Earle had a little area, but it was constantly busy with people queuing to meet a youtuber so I'm not sure if they were selling anything but they were so generous by giving out a smaller version of the ever famous cleanse and polish, with the cloth which is worth it in itself. 
The only deal was to have a picture In front of the Liz Earle stand and upload the photo to Instagram!! 
It was good to do something different with one of my girls, and definitely worth it for me with my Red Carpet Manicure purchases but I doubt I will be making another trip there. 

The Benefit Stand, so cute.

Beautycon merchandise