Friday, 29 May 2015

BeautyCon Comes To London

On Saturday 23rd May BeautyCon came to London. It's the first time BeautyCon has been in the UK which was held at Kensingtons Olympia. 

For those of you that don't know BeautyCon is an event for Youtubers and Bloggers to come together all in one place, as well as beauty brands. 

Considering it was the first one to be held here it wasn't done too badly, but It wasn't what I expected at all. After attending IMATS and The Clothes Show Live in the past I had imagined it would be on the same scale, however that wasn't the case, there weren't a lot of stands to buy from and the venue wasn't decked out that well. Just a couple of balloons here and there saying beautycon, while the majority of the space was taken up by the meet and greet areas for the youtubers. 

I wasn't interested in meeting youtubers, but there were a lot of younger girls there who seemed to spend most of their day queuing to see their favourite youtuber. 
I'm not sure if it was because it was the first Beautycon held here but it definitely could of been decorated better, it looked as if they had no budget, and it mainly centred around meeting youtubers when I would of much preferred if there was more beauty stands to look at and buy from as well. 
There was also an area for you to watch Youtubers talk about certain topics, which honestly was a little cringey as no one really knew what to say. It would of been much more worthwhile to have more talks about YouTube and blogging as a business, that is something I would of found very interesting. I think that the majority of the talks were based at a younger audience, mainly the Youtubers fans which were there.

My favourite stands were Crown Brush and Red Carpet Manicure. 
Crown brush had soooo many brushes to chose from, literally it was difficult to chose, and they were all at a discounted price and we all know how much brushes cost us make up artists. 
Red Carpet Manicure had such good discounts, it was four colours for £20 which is amazing considering how much they are individually at normal retail price, they also had all the Cinderella limited edition colours, different LED light sets and everything you need to remove your gel nails. 
Honestly I was loving life, I was in need of purchasing more gel colours but they just cost so much so this made my day.
Red Carpet also had quite a few nail technicians there on the day who were doing complimentary gel nails.
I think I might do a gel nail blog post soon compared to normal nail varnish. 

Red Carpet Manicure Colours I Purchased

304 Expresso Yourself
516 An Evening To Remember
222 Mimosas By The Pool
753 Fuchsia Dreams
Liz Earle had a little area, but it was constantly busy with people queuing to meet a youtuber so I'm not sure if they were selling anything but they were so generous by giving out a smaller version of the ever famous cleanse and polish, with the cloth which is worth it in itself. 
The only deal was to have a picture In front of the Liz Earle stand and upload the photo to Instagram!! 
It was good to do something different with one of my girls, and definitely worth it for me with my Red Carpet Manicure purchases but I doubt I will be making another trip there. 

The Benefit Stand, so cute.

Beautycon merchandise


Monday, 25 May 2015

Saturday Night Dinner at Byron Burger

I'm pretty sure everyone has heard or even has had a Byron Burger at some point by now. 

I first went to Byron Burger quite a few years ago and ever since I have loved it and it's been one of my favourite burger joints. 
Over the years I have tried out various branches and they are all just as good as each other. 

The one I visited on Saturday evening was in Bayswater before I went to The Lounge. 
The Food 

Byron is all about good beef burgers, and that's all I'm interested in when I go there. 
No matter which branch I go to they always deliver the same great food and service and Bayswater was no different. 

I tent to always order the same thing because it's not every week you can eat a Byron, it fills me up for days after I swear. 
So I tend to always go for the cheese burger with Cheddar cheese and always well done. I know a lot of people usually say well done is too much and it's too dry and not as tasty. But I disagree with that especially at Byron, they do it really well and it's still juicy and full of flavour.
I also ordered fries and onion rings on the side, however the onion rings were to share, I definitely couldn't of eaten all of that, but I would highly recommend the onion rings.

I haven't had a milkshake at Byron for years so I thought I would treat myself to see if it tastes just as good as I remember. 
I went for the vanilla with malt for an extra 25p and it was beautiful but as usual I always order too much for my little stomach to handle and ended up feeling so full after it all that I could only drink half. 
But if you are going to try out Byron getting a milkshake to share for dessert is always a good idea. 

What I Thought ? 

As always Byron didn't disappoint, and as I have been doing for the last few years I will of course be going back to get my burger fix, but I can't imagine it will be for while, I've never felt so full in my life after that meal.  

We had THE cutest waiter ever as well, honestly he was too beautiful to be working in Byron with a lush Irish accent and he was so attentive and good at his job and it's always nice to have a good looking guy serving you food.
Go for dinner there just to see him haha. 

Outfit Details:
Jacket: River Island
Top: River Island
Jeans: Zara
Necklace: Topshop

Sunday, 24 May 2015

The Lounge at Odeon

So anyone that knows me knows that I love the cinema, I have a Cineworld card so I pretty much go all the time and watch everything. 

Since visiting The Electric Cinema a couple of weeks ago I wanted to find more places that deliver a new and exciting cinema experience. 

Where ? 

After researching luxury cinemas in and around London the best one I found that appealed to me was The Lounge at Odeon Whiteleys. 
It was completely different to the Electric cinema and the whole concept is completely different to any cinema I have been to before. 

The Idea 

It's like a cinema and restaurant all in one. 
There's only a couple of screens and they are much smaller than normal cinemas making it feel much more intimate and exclusive. 
So while you are watching your film you can order a three course meal If you'd like which can be delivered to your seat through out the film or whenever you choose by the in house waiters and waitresses which are on hand through out the film. 
How it works 

There are two different styles of seats you can chose to sit in, either your own big armchair or a sofa, which is perfect If you want to go see a movie with your partner but would rather not be separated and have a cuddle instead. Just like if you were to watch a film at home. 
Each seat has a side table installed which you can move around In front of you for easier dining and watching. You can see the layout Of the table in my photos. Complete with cutlery and your menu. 

You can use the buttons on your armchair to chose to recline the seat back and have your feet up, it really is complete luxury, this is where you will also find the button to call your waiter over to you whenever you need them. I was loving this whole concept when I was in there, I love anything different and little quirky so I so excited.


What I Ordered  

You can order food and drink up until half hour before the end of your film but Because I had only just been out for dinner I was full, I did think about having a meal in the cinema, although it is pretty unsociable for whoever you go with but that is something I definitely want to do if I go in the future. 
Anyways I had to order something didn't I, plus this dessert I just couldn't resist. 
Just look at it, I didn't expect it to be so well presented for a cinema dessert but I was highly impressed and not to mention it tasted bloody unreal as well. 
It is the Banoffee with popcorn ice cream, caramelised popcorn and chocolate popping candy. If your going to go I would definitely recommend trying out this dessert. 
Quite a lot of people did order meals whist watching and just a note if you want popcorn you can actually order it even though it's not in the menu, and you get a rather large bowl of it as well. 
What I Thought ?

I absolutely loved this idea, I mean where can you go in England and watch a film and order a full on meal in the cinema, and I'm not just talking about popcorn and hot dogs, this is the real deal.
It's served to you just like how any restaurant would, the waiters are really polite and attentive and are there for your every need. 
It's worth getting there a bit earlier as The Lounge is separate from the rest of the cinema and there is a nice bar area in which you can have a drink before your film starts. 

I think the whole idea is amazing and I wish there were more cinemas with this type of experience available, however like always there is always room for improvement. 
As much as I loved it there were a couple parts of it I didn't enjoy. 
Obviously the waiters are up and down the isle through out the film so it can become increasingly distracting especially if your someone like me and wants to know and see what everyone has ordered. I couldn't stop looking when they were walking past. 
Unlike a usual cinema it's not pitch black or you would probably be coming out with food all down yourself, and personally I like to watch a movie in pitch black but I understand why it's like that. 

Towards the end of your film the waiters will drop off your bill at your table, during the middle of the film and you are expected to pay while the film is still on. 
I can't tell you how distracting that is, so it's very difficult to get into the film while so much is going on around you in the cinema. But I think that's perfectly understandable as they don't want people leaving without paying. 

I think I would definitely go back again, and maybe this time to experience the food a bit more. Everyone will just have to put up with my camera flash going off while I quickly hide it and pretend I don't take pictures of everything I eat ha. 

Friday, 22 May 2015

YO Sushi No Sushi

For years I avoided going to Yo Sushi because I'm not really into sushi, However you can go for dinner at Yo Sushi and avoid it altogether, which surprisingly many people didn't know you could do, but you can and its AMAZING and I wish I had found a post like this to tell me about it sooner. 

The Concept 
I think the whole concept of YO Sushi is so cool and different, I love the little conveyor belt which goes round past your seat so you can pick up whatever you want as and when you see it, and it's mainly all cold food on the belt and you order the hot food to be made fresh while you wait. 

The coloured bowl situation is something you need to be aware of, or before you know it you've spent a fortune. 
On the menu the coloured plates will correlate to a price, for example all blue plates are £2.70, and on Mondays they have a thing called Blue Plate Monday where everything on the belt is £2.70, I've never done this but I think you can only pick up what you see and not order. 

So if like me you want to order hot food, you have to press the help button which will be situated where you are sat. 
I actually loved this idea, because you can call a waiter as and when you need them, rather than them keep coming over to check on you. 
As you can see from the photo the little bubble stick will light up red In front of you and your table number will be read out in a Japanese voice, which I absolutely loved. 
I really like places that have quirky little features and YO Sushi has that.  

What We Ordered 

To start with I picked up the Purple plate Spicy Chicken Roll, because it looked liked sushi but with chicken in the middle and I wanted to try the non sushi version of it just for fun. 
I had it with Soy sauce and I absolutely loved it, the texture was different to anything Id had before and If you don't eat sushi it's a good plate to start with because It's very similar in the way it's made. 

My mains were a choice of hot plates 

Pink Plate Chicken Katsu Curry 
Orange Plate Chicken Gyaza 

The two plates were enough for me and I was full. Just talking about the food now and thinking back to it is making me crave it big time. 
There is so much choice that I feel like another trip is definitely on the cards and purely because it was some of the best Japanese food I have ever had before. 

My friend ordered 

Orange Plate Spicy Pepper Squid 
Orange Plate Spicy Chicken Salad 
Pink Plate Duck Gyoza 

For dessert I opted for the Orange Plate Strawberry Cheese Cake Mochi which honestly was the strangest dessert I've had with the strangest consistency. It's basically a squishy rice cake with a creamy filling, it was a bit stodgy and not something I would order again but I'm glad I got to try it as I haven't seen that served anywhere else before. 

My friend ordered the Purple Plate Custard Dorayaki. Which is basically pancakes with a custard filling.  
Spicy Chicken Roll

Chicken Katsu Curry and Chicken Gyaza 

Strawberry Cheese cake Mochi and Custard Dorayaki

What I thought ? 

I actually surprised myself with how much I liked it to be honest, and because there is such a wide choice of food to choose from I immediately knew I wanted to go back as soon as I finished that meal. 
I loved the whole lay out of the restaurant and the novelty of the conveyor belt with the little help button etc and as you know I do love something a bit different to the standard restaurants. 
I think YO Sushi has something for everyone even if you don't eat sushi or fish as I have clearly proved that, and I hope this opens up other people's eyes to the fact you can go there without having to eat it.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Not So Giggling Squid Review

Last Saturday night I went for dinner at Giggling Squid in Marlow Bucks.
I have seen so many people go on and on about how amazing Giggling Squid is and that its the best Thai food around, so naturally I had to try it.
There are only thirteen Giggling Squids in the country I was choosing between Marlow and Henley, both were pretty busy when trying to book a table, so I would advise booking in advance if you wanted to go at the weekend.
The Food
There was literally so much to chose from, and after speaking to some of my friends and reading other blog reviews I was torn between what to order, I think I sat there for half and hour because it all just sounded soooo good!!!
What I ordered
The waitress asks everyone if they would like Prawn Crackers when taking the drinks order, and obviously I said yes, such a good snack to have while waiting for your food to come and one of my friends said that they were good and that I had to try them.
And yeah they were ok nothing special, and the chilli dip you get with them is literally so small, they are probably something I could give a miss if I was to go again.
Prawn Crackers
For my main I ordered Paneang Chicken Curry. I wanted to try something a little different from a Thai Green Curry and a Thai Red Curry. The Paneang Chicken Curry is in the round bowl.
I had this with the Sticky Rice, which I cannot rave about enough. I had never had sticky rice before and I loved it. I thought the curry was really flavoursome and the chicken was perfect with it, but I wasn't blown away by it and I probably wouldn't order it again if I was to return.
My friend ordered the Red Duck Curry with Coconut Rice.

We ordered the Sleeping Honey Duck with Orange Salad to share as that had also been a dish recommended to me. But oh my god I wish I hadn't even bothered. After having the duck at Hutong The Shard I don't think anything else will compare.
This Duck was really rubbery and hard to eat, I had about one slice and that was it I didn't want anymore after that. The only thing I rated about it was that it came out on a hot sizzling plate which was cool, just a shame the food was not up to standards.
Sleeping Honey Duck with Orange Salad
Paneang Chicken Curry
So this was the dessert we both went for, I have had a look on the website menu to see if I can remember what its called and its not on there and I cant for the life of me remember what it was but I do remember it being rather nice, It was sort of like a fruit cake baked, I know not very helpful, but if you were to visit I am sure it will still be on the menu.
The decoration for the dessert was impressive, but there wasn't a lot of desserts to chose from, it probably wouldn't of been my main choice of desserts.  

Now here is where I really tell you what I thought of Giggling Squid.
After wanting to try it out for so long as I had heard such good reviews, this is why I will not be returning and why I did not rate it.
The Service
In most restaurants waiters and waitresses sort of know when your ready to take your order, its pretty obvious if your still looking at the menu that you probably aren't ready.
The one thing that really annoyed me about this place was that they would come over every few minutes to ask if we had decided yet, it actually got rather ridiculous especially when trying to chose a dessert, the waiter came over more than five times to take our order in which I was still undecided.
It felt like they were trying to rush our meal and to be honest It ruined the whole experience as it seemed they just wanted to close up and leave.
The Atmosphere and Layout
The Marlow restaurant isn't particularly very big, there is however an upstairs, but if you are really tall be careful, the restaurant is made for hobbits.
We were seated on a two seater table in the middle of the downstairs part of the restaurant and after only being there for ten minutes, a couple came and sat at the table right next to us.
And when I say right next to us, I mean literally on top of us.
We might as well have pushed our tables together I could hear their whole conversation and they could hear ours, they were so close.
Obviously this massively ruined the atmosphere and vibe of the restaurant.
No one wants to go for dinner and be sat right on top of someone else where it doesn't feel private or intimate.
Definitely do not go there if you want to go on a date, I cant imagine that would be an ideal date situation for anyone.
What I Thought / Would I Go Back ?
The last two points really ruined my experience, who wants to go for dinner and be harassed by the staff and sit uncomfortably close to other diners.
The food was good but it wasn't amazing, it did not blow me away and I most definitely have been to better Thai restaurants.
Overall the bill came to around £70 and for what we got I was highly disappointed, I left feeling as if I wished Id spent my evening elsewhere.

However this was my experience and my opinion it may have been different if I had gone on a different day / evening, although the experience should still be the same. 
I was left disappointed afterwards so therefore as much as I dislike having to write a bad review, Im not going to sit here and write a fake one telling you why I loved it when I didn't. 
Obviously not everyone will agree with me and that's fine, we all different so please respect that when reading.