Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control

Out of all the posts on my blog the one that gets the most hits is

Clarins High Definition Body Lift

Now since posting that entry Clarins have revamped the High Def Body Lift.
They have changed the name and look of the product for starters but also the formulation of the product.

So I'm back to review it for you :)

What it does -

It still pretty much does exactly the same but its been reformulated to treat more stubborn and deeper cellulite by penetrating deeper into fatty tissues.

When I first heard they were changing this product, I was not too impressed as I think it was a perfectly good product before, with good results and that didn't need changing.

However if it says its changed for the better and gets more stubborn cellulite then heyyyyy we aren't going to say no to that are we.

The difference -

The texture is different, as the High Def had the small beads in which would disperse and release the caffeine to stimulate, the new formula no longer has that. Its just a baby pink gel instead.
Not entirely sure why they got rid of the beads as I thought it gave a good effect, but from what I hear you still get the weird warm sensation when applying, which makes it feel like its working either way!!

How to apply -

Still apply the same as before, after exercising or after the shower. Starting from the ankles and working your way up to keep the muscles stimulated and always working upwards towards the heart for best results.

So basically it is pretty much the same product as it was before. I still use it and I still swear by it, it is amazing and really works.

Its now £36.00 and you can purchase that here Link