Friday, 19 April 2013

Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy

So recently Ive been seeing this little beauty's all over my twitter time line from the Revlon account.
They recently just launched in the UK with an event that was held in London with Jellys shaped in the Nail Art and colours that matched.

Instantly that caught my eye when flicking through Instagram and I wanted to know more.
I think they launched in the UK last week so the first chance I could I went out to buy one.
They are only available in Boots at the moment, and cost around £8.00
There wasn't that many colours out as either all the stock hasn't come in yet or every ones gone mad for them and brought them already.
But I picked up the 230 Satellite colour.

You apply the darker colour to the nails first, apply two coats for the effect to work.
The varnish dries really quickly as well so your not left waiting around to apply the glitter for ages.
Once the dark colour has dried then apply the glitter, apply two coats if you want more of a glitter effect.
Now its not like normal glitter varnish when its finished, it doesn't feel rough to touch of lose the sparkle really quickly.
I applied a Revlon top coat as well to keep the colour lasting longer, but the glitter was smooth to touch either way.
I think the Moon candy collection is really eye catching and I want to get all the other colours so eventually I can mix and match, and they save a lot more space in your makeup draw as your getting two varnishes for the price of one.
Revlon has also brought out two other nail collections, Nail Art Expressionist which has one colour to coat the nail with and another to play around with and do designs with.
The other is Nail Art Neon which comes with a bright colour and a white top coat which makes the nail neon, which I will defiantly look at getting if I am ever going to a Neon party, however unless its under UV light we will have to see if the Neon effect is noticeable.
Ill upload a photo of my moon candy nails soon for you to check out :)