Monday, 11 February 2013

Urban Decay OZ Palettes

So the other week I worked on an Urban Decay counter and completely fell in love with all the products.
I already own an eye primer potion and a Naked Palette but I hadnt really looked at any of the other stuff so it was amazing to work with a new brand and learn about all their products.
Last week they brought out the new Oz Palettes which are from the film The Great And Powerful OZ, and I completely fell in love with them.
I havent seen any other brand do what Urban Decay do, they are completely original and the packaging is beautiful on all the products, I would be proud to have it all in my makeup bag.
Both the palettes are Disney limited edition, they come in a beautiful tin packaging which you can pop in and out colours, so its reuseable which is really good. You also get a lip stick and a 24/7 eyeliner.
I personally purchased the Glinda Palette as I would use those colours more than the Theodora Palette.

That is what the Glinda Palette looks like, it comes with a lip colour in Glinda and the eyeliner in Rockstar. For me personally the lip stick is too nautural and pretty much the same colour as my normal lips.
You also get a card with the palette with a Get The Look face chart on it telling you how to complete the look and what colours to put where which is really useful if your not a keen make up artist.
All the colours in the palette are limited edition and brand new colours, so you wont be able to purchase them individually, it also comes with a two tone colour called OZ which is gold and silver.
This palette is perfect for flair complextions and a subtle eye.
When looking at both the palettes I originally wanted the Theodora palette as I tend to go for warmer colours over pinks, but when it came to it the colours were fairly similar to the Naked palette and theres noway I would use a green on my eye.
However if you have a warmer complextion this will be perfect for you and you get the red lips and black liner. Perfect for that sexy subtle look.
Make sure you grab one before they are all gone as I imagine they are going to attract a lot of make up junkies attention and they will soon be on every one of our dressing tables haha.