Sunday, 11 November 2012

Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation

Another new foundation that I picked up while in America.
I dont think this one is avaliable in the UK yet but it soon will be so heres a quick review for when you can get your hands on it!!
The one above is the foundation I brought, you can also get it in a Matte version as well.
It says it gives a 100% poreless look without clogging your pores, with oil control.
It comes with a spatula attached to the lid which I don't usually like the idea of but this foundation is so thick there is no way you would get it out the bottle without it.
It was about $4 which is insanely cheap for foundation and now I know why.
The coverage is full, but it does not last through out the day and makes skin look dull rather than glowing. You have to work rather quickly with it as it drys quickly and oxidises on the skin, no matter what colour you try.
Not something I will be repurchasing when it finally comes to the UK.
I am yet to find a Rimmel foundation that is any good.