Sunday, 5 August 2012

Paris - L'occitane

Haven't blogged for a while as I have been away in Paris which was beautiful!!!!
Defiantly didn't want to come home, the weather was amazing and we went to Disneyland as well and I loveeeee Disney so it was really great. 

However I didn't do any makeup shopping while I was there but I did pick up the L'occitane Hand Cream which was in my hotel room ha ha!
Now Ive never used L'occitane before but it seems to be a big thing in France. 
Its made for dry skin and it contain Shea butter in which is amazing for dry skin, its really rich and feels lush on my hands and it smells amazing as well, many hand creams Ive used before have always smelt horrible but this one is really nice and it comes in a small handbag size as well which is the 10ml and it costs £8 in the UK  which is a lot for such a small bottle so you might as well just go bigger and pay that little bit more. 

I'm defiantly going to check out the L'occitane line and see if theres anything else I can pick up for skincare :)