Sunday, 17 June 2012

Collection 2000 Skyscraper Mascara

A few months back I won a competition from Andrex Clean Campaigns Facebook page and I won the Collection 2000 Skyscraper Mascara. 
I don't tend to shop for Collection 2000 brand as I thought the quality would not be good as it is so cheap, but I found this mascara was amazing. It has one side of long bristles on the wand and the other is short ones. 
So you can use each for your top and bottom lashes. 

I was really impressed that it did not leave my eyelashes clumpy, nor did it fall down on my face through out the day and the tube actually lasted me a long time afterwards without clogging up.
Its good for separating the lashes, but if you want volume, then I would use it as a mascara base and layer over the top with a thicker mascara. This is what I have been doing and its worked a treat :)

If your looking for a cheap mascara then Collection 2000 is your brand, £2.99 you cant beat that for a cheap deal.