Sunday, 17 June 2012

Clarins High Definition Body LIft

I really started using this product after getting it on my allocation at work. I'm all game for anything that's supposed to give cellulite control which smooths and firms the body. It was also featured in the June Cosmopolitan issue on how to fight cellulite, along with some information from Lionel de Bennetti from Clarins.
Lionel states that you must use the product daily for at least a month to see a difference. And I'm sure theres some people that think stuff like this doesn't work, but you obviously have to exercise to help as well. 

What it does -

Its a targeted body treatment which drains and stimulates the release of fat to reshape, streamline and firm the body. 

It contains caffeine which stimulates, and you can defiantly feel this when you apply it as theres a cooling effect on the skin. The lotion contains small micro beads which melt away upon contact of the body. 
You only need to apply it in the areas you feel needed, and in circular sweeping movements. Its best to work upwards towards the heart as that helps with circulation. 

When should you apply?

You can apply morning or evening after showering, I apply mine at night time but its also a good idea to apply after you've exercised as it will absorb better. 
You can get changed straight after as its non oily and non sticky too, so no worrying about it getting on your clothes or sticking to you!!

Ive only been using it for a week or two but I absolutely love it , I want to get a body brush or massager to use with it to really see some results. 

Its £35.50 for a 200ml bottle.