Saturday, 26 May 2012

Maybelline Fit Me Range

Last year while I was In the USA I went a bit mad in Walmart trying out and buying new foundations. I could literally spend forever in there looking at all the brands as its so much cheaper then here in the UK.
I ended up buying the Maybelline 24 Hour Super Stay foundation and the 310 Fit Me foundation. I went for a foundation from this range as we didn't have it here in the UK last year and even a year later we still don't have it. Not sure why, maybe we will get it eventually.

All the products from this line have numbers instead of names, so you are able to get exactly the same powders and concelers to match which is an awesome idea.
I went for 310 which is a little on the orange side but it was ok at the time as I had a tan. So its supposed to fit your skins colour exactly, however this isnt entirly true.

  • It has a dewy finish
  • Medium to full coverage
  • Thick in consitance
  • Fragrance free
I personally did not like this foundation, I found that it made my skin feel greasy which resulted in the end result looking shiny through out the day, even if I had powdered in the morning. It did not stay put on my face and just made me feel gross while I was wearing it.
This foundation is known for breaking peoples skin out and clearly thats what it did to me, my skin isnt particulary oily, its more dry that anything. I would recommend this to people who have dry skin, but stay away if your oily because it will just slide off.

Dewy finishes arent really my thing, it ends up looking greasy and feeling sticky and I do not like to be shiny. Out of all the foundations I own this is the worst for all of that. So if your like me then steer well clear.

I went back to the USA in December and picked up the Fit Me foudation in 235 as 310 was definatly waaaay to orange for me back home. I also picked up the 235 pressed powder to go with it.
Now even though I was in New York and it was cold the foundation still done the same thing. Through out my shopping trip that day it had come off in patches, but the powder was the worst.


I applied my foundation in natural light and this is why I noticed the powder fiasco. The foundation colour was looking good, I then went in with the powder and it changed the whole colour. It made it SO orange and patchy. Therefore I had to make sure i had applied the powder evenly to avoid colour patches. I was really disapointed with the powder it was noway near the colour of the foundation at all, and it didnt really do much to mattify the foundation.

Overall the Maybelline Fit Me range was a complete fail.

Right : 310 Swatch
Left: 235 Swatch