Saturday, 26 May 2012

Clinique Pore Minimizer Sheets


I was devastated when I found out these little beauty's had been discontinued. I for the life of me have no idea why they have, if you know then please tell me.
I had been using these all through my teenage years, you got 50 sheets which end up lasting me for years! I swear the packet Ive got at the moment was from like three years ago.
They are amazing at taking down shine and reducing oil and even better it can do it through make up.
Sometimes after work my T-Zone would be a little shiny so I would use a sheet in that area and it would remove any shine I had and if you have oil on the skin you can see it on the sheet as it will become see through which I loved as you could see it had worked.
It will hardly remove your make up either.

So now these have been discontinued I will be on the hunt for a similar product, something just as quick and easy as there. I know I have seen these by other companies but it just depends on how good they are.