Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Last week I went on Clarins training for the week in London. It was amazing but so tiring and I barely had any time to do anything other that that which is why I haven't blogged lately.
I spent the week travelling up to Clarins Head Office to learn about all of the current skincare products that they offer, it took five days to go over everything and each day we would have an exam on the products we had learnt the day before.
So Ive just been in my little Clarins bubble for the past week or so with getting to grips with new products and what they do. I never knew there was so much skincare and there's about 2 or 3 different products that work for one thing.
But being on training and learning about skincare was such an eye opener. I think we all know that I'm more of a Make Up girl, so i found it really interesting to learn about skincare and broaden my knowledge further which will also help me within my career as a make up artist anyway.

Before looking into Clarins I never really paid it much attention in the beauty halls as I'm always drawn to the make up counters, but Clarins is really popular and now I realise why.
We have all heard of Clinique and the skincare products that they do.

Clarins is very similar but none of their products contain any alcohol and its all made up from 100% pure plant extracts. That is what sets aside Clarins from other skin care company's, everything is natural and wont strip your skin.
I have completely fallen in love with some of the products that I have seen for the body and I will be putting up a wish list of products I want a reviewing some popular products as well :)