Monday, 14 May 2012

Bourjois 1 Second Polish Remover

I finally brought this little beaut. So many people had been raving about this product on my Twitter so I thought id try it out, as there is nothing worse than trying to take off nail varnish with a million cotton pads.

This cute pink little bottle has everything you will need to remove nail varnish in a flash.
This is what it looks like inside, its a sponge soaked with nail varnish remover and a hole in the middle where your finger goes which you twist around to remove the polish. There is some hilarity to sticking your finger in this as you can tell.

There is a seriously strong smell of nail varnish remover and I thought my fingers were going to stink of it after but surprisingly it leaves your fingers smelling sort of fruity.
I think claiming it takes 1 second is a bit extreme probably about 5 seconds or so which is still amazing.
I managed to remove two layers of nail varnish and a top gloss coat in under 5 minuites.
A definate Must Have!!!!