Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Review: Super Stay 24H Maybelline Foundation

It can be soo hard to find a cheap foundation that actually lasts and looks good on the skin. There's nothing worse than spending out money on foundations that are rubbish, and believe me Ive tried a fair few and most of them are just a waste of time.
However after going through all the foundations from the cosmetic company's in boots, a friend recommended the Maybelline Super Stay 24hr. Longevity in foundation is the key and its what I look for when buying a foundation, theres nothing worse than putting on your foundation and having it come off through out the day and look patchy.
So when I was In America last year I went to Walmart and checked it out, I decided to wait until I went to the U.S because the make up is so cheap in Walmart as well as the exchange rate so I didn't mind trying some new things.

The America bottle I picked up looked like this and the colour was Pure Beige.

And these are the two colours are brought in the U.K

Pros -

  • It does in fact last a long time, I wouldn't say 24 hours though, but if you set it with a powder and don't touch your face through out the day I'm sure it could last longer.
  • It controls oil as it is oil free but doesn't dry out the skin.
  • Its quite a thick consistency which most long stay foundations are which means you have to work quickly with it as it can dry fast and new applicants may find this hard to work with.
  • Its non streaky and the coverage is just right with a semi matte finish
  • The good thing about it is that its around £9.00 in Boots and is a perfect foundation for everyday wear, especially if you want to keep your premium brands for nights out and special occasions. This is the one I'd reach for in the morning if I was in a rush.

Cons -

The only con I would say is that when I went to buy it in Boots after using my American bottle the colours were completely different, so it was difficult to find the exact same colour as before. You would of thought Pure Beige would be the same colour regardless on the country it was brought in, but apparently not. Below are the swatches of Pure Beige from America and Sand from the UK. You can see the massive colour difference.
I ended up taking the Pure Beige one back to Boots and went for Sand instead and I have recently purchased Ivory as Sand was still on the orange side.