Monday, 30 April 2012

The New Katy Perry Eyelashes

Saturday night I decided to try out these bad boys. I brought them ages ago but was waiting until I had finished using my Girls Aloud ones first.
So I was having an eyelash malfunction with the Girls Aloud ones on Saturday, they just weren't sticking and this never happens, so to avoid ruining my make up and getting stressed out I went for these in the hope that they would stick and look good.
They are similar to the ones I already wear and they look lush, long and thick in the box which is the style I go for when wearing them on a night out.

I was sorely disappointed, these were such a hit when they came out but they just did nothing for me when I put them on. They looked the same length as my normal eyelashes and gave no fan effect at all. And I also had a hard time sticking these on too.
I always wear Eylure and I love their lashes and the glue is usually fine too but these were having none of my eyelid. They took longer than normal to stick and by the end of the night you could see they had lifted up somewhat from the glue.
And I know some of you may be reading this thinking that I didn't apply enough clue, well I'm CRAZY about applying the glue because I couldn't bear the thought of them hanging off haha.

However despite the lack of effect and stickiness there was one really good positive. They are super light weight and you don't feel as if you are wearing lashes at all, its not heavy to blink like normal and they aren't irritating either. So for once I didn't feel the need to rip these ones off :)

So if you want a more daytime lash with light weight effect go for these.