Tuesday, 24 April 2012

IMATS 2012

Early this year I was lucky enough to get my hands on a ticket to IMATS London 2012.
I had only heard about IMATS the year before when I was studying on my Make Up Artist course at college, and if I had not been to make up college then I would probably still be none the wiser.
But thank god that I did hear about it. Ever since the event was mentioned to me I had craved to go, it sounded like heaven all under one roof for me. All the Beauty brands, Makeup Brush Companys, Hair and Skincare Brands all came together for one weekend only in February at Alexandra Palace.
However IMATS carries on the event in all the major cities of the world, which are Los Angeles, New York City, Vancouver, Sydney and Toronto.

So for the readers who have never heard of IMATS before or who have never been I will just give a brief overview into what it intails and to why it is such a neccessary place to be if you want to succeed in the industry.

I went on the Saturday with a friend in the hope of purchasing some new products for my kit, the reason why this event is so good is that all the top brands within the industry have stools which have professional discounts on all of their products. Just to name a few that were there, so you had MAC Pro, Charles Fox, Royal and Langnickel, Cover FX,Illamasqua, Make Up Forever (which isnt so widley avaliable in the UK)

So if your going to stock up on anything for your kit, IMATS is the place to do it.
I did have an idea of what I needed and wanted to get that day, but as soon as I entered the room that went out the window, I literally could of spend thousands there especially as Im addicted to everything cosmetics wise.
However this is the stuff I did get for my kit. It wasnt a lot but it was what I needed and working for a premium brand I get a lot of good discounts on quite a few companies in the industry anyway.

As you can see I got myself a smaller Charles Fox kit bag, as I currently have a massive one from Make Up International, and I thought this would be good for smaller jobs. A Chalres Fox headband and Powder Puff to go with it. A gorgeous brush belt with red stitching from Royal and Langnickel which only set me back £15.00 which is such a bargin. And lastly an amazing neon body paint product which is from Wolfe Face and Art Fx, this cost me only £10.00 and I brought it because its not something I have seen on the market and its something new to add to my kit.
The man also told us that its best effective when used with a flat brush, as that will give the two toned colour effect. I recently purchased the MAC 191 brush for this product.

As well as the amazing shopping you could do at IMATS there was also demos that you could watch and artists from all over the world would be creating their masterpieces through out the day for all to view. There was also opportunites to take some classes while you were there.

But what I found most exciting out of it all was knowing that Nick Dudman was going to be there. He was the main creative behind the scenes of every Harry Potter movie. He made all the prosthetics you see in the films and applied them every day for ten years as well. He is such an inspiration and I could only dream of one day being as good and successful as he is.
Nick was on the mainstage with the one and only Warwick Davis showing us how to apply the prosthetics and make up for Professor Flitwick in the HP Movies.
As you can imagine this was the most popular tutorial of the day, as the line went on for ages, we even had to leave the MAC tutorial half way through just to get in line. But we were lucky enough to watch the entire thing and I think he applied the prosthetics in less than hour which is remarkable.
Ill post some photos below of process and a photo of me and Warwick together.

 Imats is also such a great place for networking and as a make up artist starting out this is the way forward, everyone who wants to be or is in the industry was there, weather that be buying for their kits, taking new classes, or even demonstrating their skills. There was so much talent  around for the taking.

As well as all this make up schools from across the globe were there to entice you into joining their schools or courses. But some of the best courses I came across were at Charles Fox they cost £150 for the day but if you book two courses together then you get them at a discounted price of £200. These are the most reasonably priced classes I have found, especially if you just want a top up on skills you already knew. I will more than likely be booking myself in for a couple of these over the year.

Hope this has been a small insight into IMATS, I could write far more but ill try to not bore you on my first entry. Ill upload some more photos of IMATS in another post so you can see just what it has to offer.